Wednesday, December 29

Jango Airplay Top 10

Hello everyone. We here at Jango wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Ring in the new year with this week's Top Ten 10 emerging artists on Jango Airplay.

#1: Hugo Kant
Hugo Kant is a producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist from Marseille, France. After many years playing in bands he started his first solo project in 2010, a mix of downtempo, nu jazz, trip hop and acoustic music.

Click to hear Hugo Kant:
#2: Wingy
Wingy is 23 year old Belgian Mieke Vervloet. An artist at heart, she recently released her first musical work. The EP is a mix of soaring vocals & moody electronics.

Click to hear Wingy:
#3: Heroes Will Fall
Florida quintet Heroes Will Fall play an exciting blend of hard rock. Their music flies seamlessly between metal, hardcore and tasteful pockets of melody.

Click to hear Heroes Will Fall:
Vacillate The Herd
#4: Daniella Alcarpe
Daniella Alcarpe is a Brazilian singer offering true Brazilian music - a mix of traditional instruments like bandolim, cavaquinho & cuĂ­ca with guitars, sax, flute and keyboard.

Click to hear Daniella Alcarpe:
Que Que Ce Que
#5: Ben Stuart
Ben Stuart stands ranks among the new guard of folky singer-songwriters who also embrace electronica. What sets this California native apart is how easy & natural he makes the combination sound.

Click to hear Ben Stuart:
Letting Go
#6: Noctura
Noctura is a modern rock two piece from Indiana. They've lately earned airplay on major rock radio, and are scheduled to release their first album this year.

Click to hear Noctura:
My Last Goodbye
#7: Prom Night In Black And White
"Powerpop-powerhouse from the prairies of Canada" is not a description one hears often. Prom Night In Black And White are out to change that, rocking the Vans Warped Tour and topping the Purevolume charts.

Click to hear Prom Night In Black And White:
Flaws In Her Words
#8: Shundrey
Shundrey is an R&B singer to the core. However, experiences with opera, country, soul, pop, inspirational and gospel creep into his music, adding sophistication.

Click to hear Shundrey:
Ur So Beautiful
#9: Cosmic Millennium Raptor
Cosmic Millennium Raptor is the POP brainchild of three Texan songwriters. The group released their debut EP recently, full of songs about "chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin."

Click to hear Cosmic Millennium Raptor:
Awake Disease
#10: Bryan Drewyor
Bryan Drewyor grew up in the Midwest surrounded by bluegrass, jazz, rock, folk and a family of musicians. His songs explore the energy & emotion of the worlds that raised him.

Click to hear Bryan Drewyor:
Friends Catch You


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chris williams said...

Seems like the rate of air plays has slowed down considerably? even when you switch it to fast pace
plays. Has anyone else noticed this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, have definitely noticed the slow down in air plays. Jango, anything you can address, here? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

New Topic; Naughty reply emails from your own "fans" ????
Wtf ??
Topic; Our band has every right to send out those "mass" emails once a weeek to fans,..

But we've discovered that some of these "fans" don't like it ...infact , they don't like it one bit..

,..And they can be a rude, mean, boorish bunch too !!! if ya know what i mean huh ??

And it doesn't seeeem to matter what our emails say ,..apologeetic or not .. coy or boy

Is there a Jango Way to advise some of our frrieenddss how to "Unfrriend" our band simply if they don't like us ?

thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jango!


Bryan Drewyor

Anonymous said...

Check out S.S.T.R.E.S...

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Check out I'm gone by Wife Beater Gang.