Thursday, September 9

More on iTunes PING Artist Profiles

Ever since Ping launched, there has been a bit of confusion and discontent about how indie artists can get their own Artist Profiles on iTunes 10's new social network. Today came the answer. "Those interested in creating Artist Profiles on Ping should contact their label or aggregator."
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Anonymous said...

Waste of time - everyone knows these truths:
1. anyone can release music online,
2. a label is not necessary to do that,
3. the music business will do anything to promote artists from the big four distributors and their satellites,
4. iTunes wants to promote establishment artists,where the big money is,
5. if you are you OWN LABEL you can't use Ping however good your music may be. You don't have access to the applications!

Carolyn said...

I have a 2-sided single out now in all stores digital, "Favorite Scenes/Dec
ember" by Michael Bishop. I'm with Tunecore and am happy I am. I am using Jango and trying reach more of my target audience. I have a long time friend who plays with Paul McCartney, he's got all the bells and whistles a indie label can have and I'm wondering if anyone here knows about Brian Ray, has all his publicity promo ect. paid off with airplay
on internet radio.
Michael Bishop

Carolyn Tann Starr said...

I e-mailed Tunecore asking for a Ping profile and I am very happy that the work is in progress. Jango has been an amazing experience. I only have 500 plus fans, but their encouraging words in their comments and e-mails are priceless. It is nice to have conversations with the actual people who buy your music from all over the world. That is why being on Ping is so important for the indie bands. The more avenues to connect with fans, the better opportunities we have of being discovered.

Anonymous said...

I too received confirmation from Tunecore that they will be able to release Tunecore distributed artists on Ping in stages but Ping artists profiles for all Indy's is expected to become available in coming weeks.

CarolynTann Starr said...

It took approximately 30 days but the Tann Starr Ping artist profile is live as of yesterday. I am on a very small indie label that I own so #5 on the anonymous list can be crossed off. :-)

Apple states they will feature any artist who is compelling and engaging so think positive people.