Monday, September 13

Jango Airplay Top 10

We're back again with the Top 10 bands on Jango Airplay based on their PopScore from last week. And remember, each band needs to have at least 100 paid plays on at least one song to receive a PopScore for the week.

This week it looks like For This Cause held the top spot while there are a few new faces in the Top 10 as well. Check them out and show some support in the comments.

#1: For This Cause
For This Cause is a recently-formed alternative/post-hardcore band from Australia. They spent much of 2009 and 2010 on tour, pausing just long enough to release their debut EP this past February.

Click to hear For This Cause:
These Seasons
#2: Neoclubber
Neoclubber was born near the beach with one goal - save the planet from boredom and depression. First on their list of solutions? Make good, fresh songs for everyone to smile and dance to.

Click to hear Neoclubber:
I Will Say (Dance Remix)
#3: 76 Degrees West Band
The 76 Degrees West Band is a jazz/funk outfit from Washington, DC. Their latest release has been well-received by fans, critics, and smooth radio throughout the United States.

Click to hear 76 Degrees West Band:
School Boy Crush
#4: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers whose compositions are sprawling, but never dull. They keep their identities private and let the music speak for itself.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#5: Kev Rowe (Instrumental)
Kev Rowe is a folk-pop artist who's been writing, recording & touring for more than a decade. He recently released his third album, recorded with producer Danny Kadar (Trey Anastasio, My Morning Jacket).

Click to hear Kev Rowe (Instrumental):
Gazebo Girl
#6: The National Convention
Nestled at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains, National Convention?s Eric Poulin mixes the lost AM radio crackle of golden 70?s fare with polished rock blasts hearkening to Steely Dan.

Click to hear The National Convention:
Telephone Road
#7: Charlie Barrett
Texas singer-songwriter Charlie Barrett is known for his deep, rich voice, sparkling acoustic guitar, and moving lyrics. A performer for over 20 years, Charlie recently released his second album and is working on a third.

Click to hear Charlie Barrett:
Looking Through Glass
#8: Left Step Band
Left Step Band is a London based four piece comprising of Emcee, DJ, Drums and Bass. Their eclectic wildstyle is a stampede of hip-hop, funk, ska, dub and biggabeat... The 21st century digital blues is here people.

Click to hear Left Step Band:
Rebels Of The Frontline
#9: Live To Tell
Post-hardcore band Live To Tell are an ambitious young act from Philadelphia, PA. Their music entwines melody, emotion and progressive sensibility, into a tightly wound sonic attack.

Click to hear Live To Tell:
#10: Brice/ART Entertainment
After seeing what MTV and the majors had to offer, rapper Brice decided to remain independent. Since then he's released four mixtapes and two solo albums.

Click to hear Brice/ART Entertainment:
Say Goodbye