Monday, February 1

The Song/Artist Adoption Formula

Bruce Warila over at Music Think Tank recently did a new post on their blog updating the 'Song/Artist Adoption Formula' that he presented last year. The new update strikes a nice chord here at Jango Airplay as it's fits in perfectly with our model.

Bruce adds a new variable to his formula that he calls the 'Adjacent Song Factor' defined as 'the frequency rate in which a song is placed into a series of familiar songs.' Sounds familiar doesn't it.

He goes on to explain that 'a recent study has shown that listeners easily tire of screening unfamiliar songs. The more often that a song is played within a playlist or stream of familiar songs, the higher the Adjacent Song Factor is going to be.'

To read more on Bruce's formula bounce over to Music Think Tank HERE


Gari said...

The more you listen to 'Touching the Eiffel Tower, the more you'll love it ;o)

Anonymous said...

For success formula check Happyendless band