Monday, February 1

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

The Grammys are fun but always so predictable and with such a narrow field of play. So to keep things fresh here's this weeks Jango Airplay winners with the top PopScore for the week past.

Artist: Antahlyzah
Antahlyzah is a Chicago-born emcee whose "primary goal is to elevate the consciousness of all of those that listen to [his] music." His solo album, entitled Truth Seeker was released in the summer of 2009.

Click to hear Antahlyzah:
1 Da Luv
Artist: Brian King
Brian King is a gifted saxophonist with a jazzy yet soulful contemporary style. His latest release, Carribean Sunset, is rhythm and jazz fused with a smooth yet funky compliment of sweet vocals and electrical instrument arrangements

Click to hear Brian King:
Carribean Sunset
Artist: Get Stellar
Get Stellar was born into the cosmos when galaxies of two celestial beings named Simon and Andrew collided in the Australian city of Adelaide. The duo mixes disco with a touch of indie, and top it off with a unique, funky edge.

Click to hear Get Stellar:
The Moment (Radio Edit)
Artist: Soft Words Traverse
A band that lives up nicely to its description as "sonic terrains to accompany the wide range of emotions that we, as humans, experience on a moment-to-moment basis."

Click to hear Soft Words Traverse:
Sprawling Certainty
Artist: The Sweaters
The Sweaters are an Indie Rock/Indie Pop band out of Nashville, TN. Their music offers a unique blend of melodies and arrangements with a twist.

Click to hear The Sweaters:
So What