Tuesday, February 2

Mikey Wax - On Tour

Mikey Wax is a rising singer/songwriter from New York who was one of the first artists to use Jango airplay for his single "In Case I Go Again" off his debut album "Change Again." Since placing the song on Jango, Mikey's career has continued to develop strongly, most recently being selected to open for Howie Day on his up-coming US tour.

More Tour Info HERE

Mikey's song "In Case I Go Again" had won the Unsigned Artist Contest held by the top-40 radio station 97.9FM WRMF in South Florida, and shortly after he placed it on Jango in hopes of reaching a larger audience. The song quickly received several thousand "likes" and hundreds of new fans worldwide. The music video for the single, released last May, has currently received over 45,000 hits on Youtube. The combination of factors has lead to his album charting on the iTunes top 100 pop albums in the US, Canada, and UK.

We are proud to be sponsoring Mikey on his up-coming tour opening for Howie Day. Mikey's career is continuing to take off due to strong support from the Jango community as well as fast word-of-mouth on social networking sites.

You can download his single "In Case I Go Again" for free HERE

Also be sure to also check out his album, "Change Again", available now on iTunes

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Rig Hood said...

Rig Hood a self-made artist startin in a home made studio and workin his way to national succsess signed to DLR(SADE)label and working on 1st album. thanks jango for exposure to such a cool audience.