Monday, February 22

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Once again here's the top 5 Jango PopScore bands for last week. There's some great stuff here so drop them a line in the comments section and say hello

Artist: Jaron and The Long Road To Love
Jaron, of Jaron and The Long Road to Love, is a fresh face on the new-Country scene. His is a crisp blend of powerfully smooth vocals and a diverse skill-set, conveying a simple message, unclouded by over drawn ironies or artificial packaging.

Click to hear Jaron and The Long Road To Love:
Pray For You
Artist: Jess Turner
Jess has been writing music since age 13 and is a classically trained pianist, cellist, and composer. She has spent summers studying music at various schools including the Boston University Tanglewood Institute and the Berklee College of Music.

Click to hear Jess Turner:
In My Tracks
Artist: Ladybug Landslide
Ladybug Landslide is singer-songwriter Marshall from Nashville, Tennessee. Having played drums for nine years before switching to guitar and vocals, he now writes his own material and plays everything on record, in addition to touring the continental US and Alaska.

Click to hear Ladybug Landslide:
Cover Story Kids
Artist: Killa Cole
Killa Cole recently released his self-produced debut "Ground Zero." A raw mixture of melody and emotion, the album puts deft flows on top of hip hop/rock music.

Click to hear Killa Cole:
4sho (Ft. Bigg Tweezy and Boogie the Mann)
Artist: Neverest Songs
Neverest Songs is the work of Luke Twyman (born 30 Nov., 1981), an English musician and songwriter based in Margate, UK. His album "Small Voyages" is out now on Unlabel

Click to hear Neverest Songs:
Maria's Clockwork Spirit


Anonymous said...

Killa Cole...Top 5 popscore. 61 fans and 6 comments. How did they calculate that??? Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I got almost 500 fans and nearly 100 positive comments. Oh well, just Jango being

Anonymous said...

who shall win... hmmmm... let's pick them out of the hat.....

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! how the hell is that possible 61 fans 6 comments no disrespect to kiia cole but how did he do it i guess i should ask him what the trick is too being one of the top 5 for the week Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. anyway congrats to the top 5 of the week.......

YOZA said...




Anonymous said...

So how much $$$ do you have to spend to be in the TOP 5? Please JANGO reveal the mystery behind the POP Score. Was it that he had 60 fans and No One who didn't like the music? What's the formula? We "artists" are spending hard earned money to promote our music here so why can't you reveal the criteria that earned the TOP 5 that distinction?

Rockin Rick Rice said...

Jess Turner what is that THING on your Home PAge that plays samples of your music and lets people buy the song if they want? That is pretty cool and I would like to research it. Can you give me some info? My listener profile is Rick Rice (Vermont) It would be great if you could email info regarding that.

By the way CONGRATS on your TOP 5 selection. With 4500 PLUS fans it makes some kind of sense, unlike some of the other TOP 5 Winners that have <100 Fans but somehow Rank as Elite Performers!!

At least I know I am not elite, but just have some fun old style rock guitar posted:

Anonymous said...

right now my pop score is 73 to start the week i have 308 paid spins left. what do i do pay or stay?

Anonymous said...

That Nimbit box on Jess Turner's page is something that should be available to ALL paying Jango artists. Why isn't it? I swear to god I am getting so fucking fed up with Jango, they are so condescending to "emerging" artists, they are totally scheming in their money grab and they are full of shit in their responses to legitimate questions about their SERVICE, which we are paying them money for that is a green as major label artists'.

I am giving Jango till the end of this week and then not only am I never using it again but I am determined to let as many people as possible, in the real world and in the blogosphere, how much of a jive-ass scam Jango is. Sorry Jango, I started out liking you and now I just feel like you've stolen my money and lied to me and you're just as bad as the 40,000 other assholes who take advantage of musicians at every turn.

Rockin Rick Rice said...

Yeah NIMBIT BOX...that's what I saw on her page. What a fabulous tool. Can anyone get one of these placed on their Airplay Artist Homepage? Does anyone know anything more about this "NIMBIT BOX" and especially what is involved in getting placed on Jango? i.e $$$$

Very intrigued by it!!

Hey anonymous I (formerly IMA Z, of all people) understand your anger. However there is a saying, Expectations Are Resentments Waiting to Happen. So maybe your expectations are too high.

I wish everything on Jango was more transparent, but I have to realize the chances of my ever achievinbg economic success and independence as a musician are miniscule, so I have to maintain the perspective of doing it for fun.

That's just me and I suppose some day the "fun" aspect will grow old and I too will decide to whether the fun factor is worth the $$$.

Well keep it light, have fun all!!

NIMBIT...interesting. JANGO bet you could market that little tool and make a few extra bucks!!

Anonymous said...

Does Jango meet my expectations as an airplay artist? Jango says they value artist feedback so here are my expectations of Jango and my personal grade of Jango in each category. (note-I am not the unhappy artist who posted at 11:28am)

1. Song Airplay: Play my songs to people around the world. Jango fulfills this expectation. Hard to tell what percentage of total plays are really heard since it appears a small fraction of total plays are voted on.
Jango Grade: A-

2. Error/Bug Free: I expect a website should be bug free, especially one that claims 7 million listeners and accepts payment from artists for a service. I have experienced and continue to experience many errors and inconsistencies on the Jango "artist" side of the house.
Jango Grade: D-

3. Data: Jango provides data that has great potential value to artists, but I don’t feel I can trust everything I see in the data. Criteria to become a fan has changed dramatically over a short time. The negative fan rush has never been addressed by Jango. Data in reports have many inconsistencies.
Jango Grade: C

4. Artist Tools: It seems Jango makes a concerted effort to continue to provide new tools to the artist. Whether or not they work perfectly all the time is another question, but I’ll give them an A for effort and hope they’ll keep making it better.
Jango Grade: A

5. Communication with Artists: Communication is erratic. Sometimes decent and other times VERY poor. There seems to be very few people on staff at Jango to handle communications with artists Communication over the last couple of weeks has been exceptionally slow and poor which pulls the grade down.
Jango Grade: D+

Overall Jango Grade: C-

Jango has a lot of potential upside, but for me the downside aspects are currently overpowering the upside ones.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that my fan count droped from 20% of paid plays to 1% of paid plays since the refomulation of fan counts.
I have also notice that when I check out an artist and play a song without logging in that I an still getting the "make em/ break em" artist on my page. That means that no matter what I click I cannot be added as a fan since I did not log in but that play still counts.
Is there somebody working on fixing this as I think plays that I am paying for should only be offered to people that at least have the chance to be a fan. I don't see how they can be offered a song anyhow since there is no information as to what style of music they like, how old they are , where they live NOTHING!
Since my fan count per play droped so much I wonder if most of my plays are being offered to people that could never be a fan.

Anonymous said...

If you go to Killa Cole's page and check out the last to "fans" that left a comment one was created today and ony has killa cole songs played and the other has a whopping 26 songs played in 6 months. Looks like fake profiles, fake fans and fake comments to me.

Anonymous said...

wow many pissed off artists. they must be going by the % of likes, so if killa cole got 50 plays and 49 likes it would be better then 5000 plays and 2000 likes. neverest songs doesnt have many fans either so it might be easier to have less plays and a higher %. they should figure in the amount of fans and comments to get a better picture of whos popular.

Anonymous said...

It seems that maybe jango is to big for jango! to all you artist out there get your fans emails you never know if this website will get better or go under. after all we are paying for fans so get and keep what you paid for.with all the complaints about jango im sure at some point someone will be investgating jangos funny ways. if every artist on jango STOP paying will jango feel it!

Anonymous said...

Jango.. SERIOUSLY.. Get it together

Anonymous said...

these artists must be sore losers, ive never got top5 but I get about 50 credits each week, and thats cool. atleast Jango is very affordable and the fans are real, i know because i get responses when I email them. killa cole has good songs and so do the other top5 for this week. Congrats to them!

Anonymous said...

yo i dont mean no harm but that rapper kill cole is str8 korny he go 100 fans i tripple his amoung i have way more comments and he is a top 5 thats bull shit..the jango score can kiss my u kow wat..

Anonymous said...

man that killer kole rapper is strait the hell he got top 5..this pop score it str8 for the fucin birds..JANGO ur pop score is full of shyt..some of these guys talents suck and when i go on their page they hardly have commments barely a 100 fans and they popular give me a dam is ur song popular with no dam fans..thats like saying jay z sold 1mill but had a 100 fans dat bull dont pan out

Anonymous said...

Congrats to these artists! And sad to see such sore losers in comments, I agree....

Anonymous said...

way to give killa cole some great publicity!!! I wish you all had a problem with me like you do him hahaha

Anonymous said...

why should an artist to pay for his free music to be played ? that is fuking bullshit....

Anonymous said...

So glad I signed up for Jango. Now I have hundreds of listeners all over the world like jbeats_33433 and mary_0_33433 leaving me insightful comments like "Nice!" and "Your rhythms and vocals really got me moving!". Wake up people! This service is nothing more than a bot driven scam to lull you into thinking your music is suddenly popular to separate you from your hard earned cash.