Tuesday, January 19

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

And here they are...this week's top 5 Pop Score bands...check 'em out

Artist: Social Jet Lag
Breaking into the scene in May 2008,
Social Jet Lag has layered strong pop
melodies over their hardcore/metal
roots without sacrificing or
compromising either style.

Click to hear Social Jet Lag:
The Certainty Of It All
Artist: Prince Flame
Prince Flame is a 15 Year old rapper
from the ATL with a grown man flow
and a smooth delivery. He recently
dropped the mixtape "Hello America"
that showcases his flow and creativity.

Click to hear Prince Flame:
Swagg Like Me
Artist: Show Me The Skyline
Show Me The Skyline is a Pop/Rock
band hailing from New Fairfield,
Connecticut with an edge that can cut
through the ordinary. With time, talent,
and great people on their side, SMTS
intends to stay the course and
concentrate on what really matters.

Click to hear Show Me The Skyline:
Legs Tangled
Artist: Foreigners Crew
The Foreigners Crew emerged from a
fraternity of musicians in the Notting
Hill area called The Grove. Their debut
album, "Rocking The Fort" brings
together veteran artists and up and
coming talent.

Click to hear Foreigners Crew:
Mad, Mad, Mad
Artist: Bryce Roberts
Bryce Roberts is a songwriter from
the southern US, who has played music
from folk to black metal. Although he
began his music career in Arkansas,
Bryce now resides in central Tennessee.

Click to hear Bryce Roberts:
Where Does Silence Go?