November 26, 2021

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Dave Evans - Out Of Harm's Way independent new music

Dave Evans Solo - Out Of Harm's Way
Rock, Light Rock, Singer/Songwriter
New Jersey, United States

Overall Impression: "Out of Harm's Way" is the stirring new release from New Jersey based singer/songwriter Dave Evans. This haunting folk ballad features Evans' distinctive tenor vibrato accompanied by only a delicately picked steel string acoustic guitar, and tells a tale of hope in the face of desperation. "The road is long and I can't find my way" sings Evans, painting a clear image of a man in dire need of deliverance and salvation. Folk audiences should find a lot to like about Dave Evans' "Out of Harm's Way", thanks to its intimate nature and weighty subject matter.

Strongest Point(s): Excellent overall production, really nice mix. Great recording on the vocal, the reverb sounds fantastic. Really gives it an eerie quality. Guitar sounds full and tonally balanced, and expertly played. Stellar vocal performance. You have a wonderfully unique style and vocal delivery, especially in your upper register. Great high and lonesome sound there. Some profound messaging and solid imagery in the lyrics, definitely works in the context of the tune. Really nice job, all around. Fantastic songwriting and strong production.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk

Artist target suggestions: Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clarke, Willie Nelson, Gram Parsons, Phil Ochs, Leonard Cohen, Richard Thompson, Doc Watson, Dave Van Ronk, Tom Paxton, Tim Hardin, David Bromberg, Richard Farina

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About the Reviewer:
Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre, from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers