July 2, 2021

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Tiki Black - The Unscripted

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Tiki Black - The Unscripted
Soul, Singer/Songwriter
Manchester, United Kingdom

Overall Impression: With its unique vocal performance, beautifully written lyrics, and elegant melodic concepts, "The Unscripted" is a lovingly crafted piece of songwriting that matures with every subsequent listen. Tiki Black showcases a tremendous amount of depth and character with this track and I was genuinely taken by its graceful nature, great work!

Strongest Point(s): The vocal performance is wonderfully different, unique in tone and timbre, it adds a very colorful shade to the song that enhances the themes of the lyrics perfectly. The lyrics themselves are reflective and filled with heartfelt sentiment, ensuring the song has plenty of emotional depth and complexity. The instrumentation is well chosen and provides plenty of textural diversity, the delicate touch of the piano and the smooth warmness of the strings create an excellent and tonally rich backdrop for the vocals whilst the percussion manages to provide a strong rhythmic backbone to the piece without ever feeling overpowering, it goes without saying that the performances across the board are refined and expertly handled. This is a harmonically and melodically interesting piece that both engages the listener and helps create a sense of intimacy between the audience and artist

Target Audience Appeal: This will certainly appeal to fans of the singer-songwriter genre, there are also elements of folk within the song and this would be another good area to target as well.

Artist target suggestions: David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Sam Smith, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Sinead 0'Connor, Aimee Mann, Kate Bush, Enya, Dido, Bjork, This Mortal Coil, Tracy Chapman, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, Duffy

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About the Reviewer:
Andre is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related and strived to become a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar, as well as teaching it, helping students both learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and how to become proficient in home recording.