March 17, 2021

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes - Falling Down independent new music

Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes - Falling Down
Rock, Classic Rock, Roots
Pennsylvania, United States

Overall Impression: "Falling Down" is the first track on the 2019 album release Gettin Better from Pittsburgh rock band, Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes. Jimmy Marino's mellifluous vocal rises above a bed of soulful organ, piano and guitars to deliver such heartbreakingly melancholy lines as "You know tears don't make a sound, but sometimes they're so loud." Cory Derringer and Ben Skinner build a confident and solid foundation, on bass and drums respectively. Highlighted by an exciting bridge and a great singable chorus, this track has the possibility of broad audience appeal thanks in part to the obvious care that went into its craftsmanship.

Strongest Point(s): Production sounds great, good tonal balance. Love the filter on the intro riff. Clever progression on the prechorus, fantastic hook once you arrive at the chorus. Outstanding bridge, does a great job of mixing it up, some interesting things there harmonically and dynamically. You might want to consider working that bridge in a second time, it's that good!

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Acoustic Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Pop Soul, Adult Contemporary, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Americana

Artist target suggestions: Ben Kweller, Ben Folds Five, The Decemberists, Jonathon Coulton, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Avett Brothers, Reid Genhauer, Nick Lowe, Bare Naked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Tragically Hip, Billy Joel, The Wallflowers, The Band

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About the Reviewer:
Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre, from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers