January 27, 2021

SONG REVIEW 🎵📝 Forsaken Garden - Fruitful Dilemma

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Forsaken Garden - Fruitful Dilemma
Alternative/Alt. Rock, Darkwave, Gothic Rock
New Jersey, United States

Overall Impression: Hailing from the dark and sinister shores of New Jersey, Forsaken Garden inject the Garden State with some much needed doom & gloom! With "Fruitful Dilemma", Forsaken Garden really dial in a classic late 80's/early 90's Goth-Rock sensibility. Leading with a deep velvety bassline and a droning, repetitive drum machine pattern that would make Dr. Avalanche jealous, deep baritone vocals join the cavernous assembly of music, to start serenading the listener with a cavalcade of morose and macabre imagery that belies a deeper meaning under the puzzle of lyrical phrases. When a huge anvil like clang announces the coming of the chorus, lines like "Fire of light disorients taking bites with your mouth so full choking on your gift." are a perfect example of the cryptic lyrics mentioned above. As a heavily distorted lead guitar joins this parade of shadows, our mysterious vocalist again repeats these lines. Eventually all of the instruments and various sections coalesce into a slowly building finale, that comes with one last blast of those deep, cacophonous anvils.

Strongest Point(s): I'm really enjoying the lyrics. It's taking me awhile to decipher the meaning, but I think I'm uncovering bits and pieces, upon each listen. Vocals are very well mixed too.

Target Audience Appeal: For fans of classic Goth-Rock, Post-Punk, Deathrock, Dark Indie, Goth-Metal, etc. We always suggest our artists reach out to sync agencies, for possible placement on films, television, commercials, etc.

Artist target suggestions: Type O NegatIve, Fields of The Nephilim, Rosetta Stone, Miazma, The 69 Eyes, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK, HIM, The Merry Thoughts, The Garden of Delight, The Cult, The Awakening, Danzig, Nosferatu, Whispers in The Shadows, Then Came Silence, Golden Apes, etc.

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About the Reviewer:
Joshua A. Pfeiffer is a music nerd who spends countless hours researching music, and curating public playlists and DJ mixes, to spread awareness of emerging musicians and to highlight the wonderful world of music history. Josh has a deep affection for most genres and eras of music, is an active, professional, award-winning DJ (DJ FACT.50 - Best of the Bay 2019 ~ SF Weekly), twitch streamer, amateur audio engineer and working musician. As founder, lead singer, and co-songwriter of the band Vernian Process, Josh has over 15 years of experience in the music industry. And for nearly a decade, was the owner and head writer for the online community post-punk.com.