Thursday, September 19

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Let the Indie Bible's 20 years of experience pave the way.
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Ever research promo and gig opportunities for your music online and wonder why someone doesn't just put this info in one place? Here it is.

Wherever you are – geographically or in your career – The Ultimate Indie Bundle is your guide to getting gigs, gaining exposure, and getting paid for doing what you love. In PDF format so it works on any device!

Here's what you get:
The Indie Bible: 20 years of info, meticulously researched so you can spend your time making music and money, not tracking down contacts.
The Indie Bible Online Database: Quickly find promotional services, radio shows, blogs, record labels etc. that cater to your specific style of music.
The Indie Venue Bible: 40 genre tags allow you to instantaneously see which venues in a given area welcome your style of music.

Special Discount for Radio Airplay members at $49.95!! Ready to access on your mobile device so you'll always have it with you, no matter where you are.

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Monday, September 9

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