Friday, June 7

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The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE can help you get your music reviewed, your songs played on the radio and your music distributed (both physically and online) around the world. Listings are from the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia... and everywhere else!

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- Jodi Krangle, Founder of The Muse's Muse

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Tuesday, June 4



If reaching more ears per day with your music is in your campaign goals, our newest play feature is for you! We worked with our friends over at Jango to allow our Radio Airplay artists to now reach their guest listeners.  Artists were previously only able to reach registered Jango listeners. We are now allowing Radio Airplay artists to target guest listeners. Increase your target listener base and plays per day! Your music will still reach these guest listeners based upon the Artist Targets you have selected for your campaign. So you are still reaching listeners that want to hear your style of music.

100 Free Plays 🔶 Feature Is Free To Try
We are giving you 100 FREE PLAYS to try this new feature out. From your play credits menu choose Got a Promo Code and enter GUEST100. We'd love for you to test out just how easy it is to reach even more listeners per day. 
How To Enable Play To Guests
Head over to your Standard Targeting page located under Campaign Settings menu. Locate the Play Speed section on the bottom right. Ensure Warped Speed is chosen. Note that the Play To Guests feature is currently only available under this speed. Opt in by clicking the check box for Play To Guests and we'll start targeting your music to guest listeners who are listening to your artist targets on and the Jango Radio app. Jango receives a large amount of listener traffic per day but does not require their listeners to create an account. You will now be able to target these listeners with your music.