Friday, March 16

Radio Airplay Staff Picks (Week 11, 2018)

We here at Radio Airplay are huge music fanatics and listen to every possible genre. From the down home country lovers, indie dwellers, to head banging metal aficionados, we figured it would be fun to share who our current favorite Radio Airplay bands are - giving these artists even more opportunities to be heard. 

Every week we'll post Erin, Kelly, Tara, and Kait's favorite tunes of the week. We'll be featuring them here on the blog, the Radio Airplay Facebook, our weekly Airplay newsletter, and they have their own Rising Star station right on Jango Radio!

Check out our Staff Picks of 2018's Week 11, Below!
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Erin's Picks
WilOcho - Idk

Faye Breezy - Summer Breeze
Rose Ostrowski - Your Words

Kelly's Picks
10 O'Clock Town - Home is This Song
Hussalonia - Words That Mean Nothing But Are Pleasant to Hear
Sofi Lapina - Gravity

Tara's Picks
Grandeur - Proof of Your Love
Leofiftyfive - January
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Joe Jenneman - Your Name

Kait's Picks
Ava Bonanno - Glow
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Blank Zero - Runaway
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Delano Pitters - Shining Star