Monday, July 17

2017 Summer Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2017 Summer Song Contest. We received over 2,000 submissions this year and the staff here at at Radio Airplay had a blast listening to every single song! 

We have added a total of 166 winners to this year’s Independent Summer 2017 station on Jango. 156 Overall winners also got 100 play credits added to their Radio Airplay account. 

You can tune in to listen to this year's winners HERE!

Grand Prize Winner received:


The 9 Runners Up Received: 



SIAS - Stand Tall
Ma Rainy - Two Sheets to the Wind
Barley Station - Younger Summer Memories
Sonny Boy Mick - My Favourite Song
Hanogi Stone - Summer Break
Omer B - The Pool is Empty
Mary McAvoy - Summer Breeze
Say Sue Me - Summer Night
Revel in Romance - Summer Nights
Carito Plaza - Wake Up
Doeray - Deep Blue
Tom MacLear - Sweet Summer Days
SmithNThompson - Summer
Peter Donegan - I’m Yours 
Lance Wing - In The Summer (the song writes itself)
David Van Walker - Heart Of Miami
Flakestate - UM
Damian Rybicki - Watchin' You
Marthe Halvorsen - Potential
Martell Lacey - Spell On Me
Ross Seddon - Only You
Chloe Adelaide - Memories on the Wall
Kevin Stokley - Eighteen
The Movies - Broke
Phaedra Vie - I’m Hooked
Anthony Lonell - Crew
Celine Schmink - Compulsive ways
Jason Link - Summer Heat
Finnli - If
Heavy Lies The Crown - Into The Darkness
Twiggy Branches - Miss Available
Jim Allchin - Healing Ground
Crazee baldhead - Turn On Tune IN DROP OUT
Sarah Katherine - Runnin'
Will Winslett - Now or Never
Sheep's Power - Man on Mars
The Colour Fire - Gravity
Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz - The Preacher
Mike Lusk - Standin' In Line
Paolo Meola - Stellar Wind
Night Trap - Summer Days
Death & the Reverend - Chaos Girl
Brown Kid - La farra
The Como Brothers - Magic
Sanet Lambrechts - Nice to you
The Youngins - Strawberry Ice Cream
Zero Zuni - Death of Me
Of NIght And Light - Broken
halie and the moon - Sunshine in Disguise
The Telescreens - Crazy
After The Flood - Mama
Justin Evans - A Little Case of Lovin' You
XRay - Gimme your love
Biggie Babylon - Summer Boo
Michael Jameson - Summer Love ft Andrea Marr
Bjorn Veum Seljevold - Dance
Stefano Bertozzi - Paris at Night
Kane Liostro - Feel again
Halie Loren - Bare Feet
David Stone - The Wasp
Roddan - Rock My Reggae Bone
Damien Ridge - Needin' You
Barbie Dolls - Michelle Marie
Swingin Hammers - Roots
Hadara Levin Areddy - Falling
Monroe Strongback - Cooler Heads
Reise - August Moon
Jack Foltyn - Be What You Gotta
Die Wohngemeinschaft - Störgeräusche
T.Wong - Cloud#9
Christin Lee Chambers - Honey
The Tahoes - Breakout
QjP - L.M.H.T.
AJ Fortune - Good In Summer
Ben Storm - Gypsy Trail
Shades of August - Walls
Apollo RSVP - The Night Is Young (Love Is in the Air)
Preston Disney - Closer to Me
David Castro - Estás Conmigo
Nicole Abeth - Little Birdie
Dallo - Summer People
Olivia Fleming - With You
Alone Together - Show Me
The Oral Buffet - It's A Good Day
David Sinclair Four - Down By The Canal
Peter Fransson - I Don't Mind
Yung Sheikh - Last Summer
Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent - So Hot it Hurts
The Alpaca Gnomes - Honey
Jerrett Zoch & the OSR Band - Sippin' On Shine
David Mcginty - Summertime
Lauren Grant - 1908
Idrise - Should Be
Jaspar 3D - Beachwalk
Council - Rust To Gold
John Moukarzel - A World In The Dark
droptheeye - House on a beach
Ugly Melon - Dead Or Alive
Gerry Hyde - Living On A Boat
Co-Opt - Looking For The Sunshine
Honeybadger - The Ballad of El Guapo
Brian Clayton - Bikinis And Tequila
Versus You - You Better
Keeana Kee - Coconut Rum and Coke
Model One - Amy
Kendálin - The Summer Solstice Song
The Baghdaddios - Here It Comes (The Coney Island Cyclone)
Cathedral Pearls - America's Child
P.H.D. - Love Is A Comet
Daphne Dash - To the moon
J.O.B - This Is The Moment
StereoViolet - The Last Stand
Towns-End - Time Machine
The Derby Dolls - Here Comes The Sun
Miistro Freeyo - Flooded
Weston James - Sweet Watermelon Girl
Phaze II Jazz - Me & You
The Sidleys (soul/rock) - You and I
Primetime Paco - Tell Ya Sum
B.O.S.S - Temporary Love
Dean Richard - Summer
patrick von wiegandt - Summertime
Reverend Zen - Magdalena
Arthur Freds - Me Take A Risk
Cyan Dream - Rumblin' Hogs
Lowdown Fixit - Painting Pictures
Three Day Flight - Shining Like The Sun
Pongky Manullang - Loving This Rain
Don Middlebrook - I Can't Spell Caribbean
Alika Arlynn - My Devotion
Tyler & Marlin - Summertime
London Silence - I wanna give it all to you
Oronde - Prime
JPT Scare Band - Not My Fault
Sly X Clusive - Let me be your man
RockaBilly Roach - Beach With Ya Baby
rayded. - Rude Gyal
Todd Herfindal - Hello Summer
Girl From The Moon - F.I.L.A.
Energise - Party Party Party Party
Ryan Zimmerman - Fireproof
Sam Tio - Suburban Friday Night
Sound of SuperBad - All Fall Down
Pietro Daniele - L’uomo che lavora
Violeta Lux - Descanso
The Metronomad - That Girl
Muthe - For Dream
Steven Hajic - Infinite Sea
DGiO the Artist - Sundress Season
Slick Frenzy - Now