Wednesday, June 7

4 Things Music Journalists Expect After Reviewing Your Album

It finally happened: that hot music blog called your album “inspired” and urged its voracious readers to give it a listen. You do a happy dance and text your mom to tell her you’re on your way to bonafide rockstar status. This one 300-word post has made your entire day, week, and month.
But before you get too swept away by seeing your band’s name in print, don’t forget whose fingers typed it. You likely either cold called the writer or blog, worked with a publicist or PR agency to facilitate the review, or had a friend of a friend pass along your music to his or her music journalist pal.
No matter which way you took to get reviewed, it is crucial that you take a minute and ensure you thank some people. Take a look at this helpful article recently posted by our friends at Tunecore, with four things that should be on your immediate to-do list!