June 24, 2016

2016 Summer Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2016 Summer Song Contest. It was not an easy task to pick the winners, as we received a record number of amazing submissions this year!  

Over 200 songs were chosen by our panel of judges to appear in Jango's Independent Summer '16 station and all overall winners received 100 free play credits in their Radio Airplay accounts! 
Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER received the following: 

  • 10,000 Play Credits added to the winning Radio Airplay account ($200+ Value)
  • Exclusive Grand Prize feature in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets
  • Exclusive placement in Jango Radio's Independent Summer '16 station
  • One month rotation in Jango Radio's Ear Poppin New Music station 
  • Summer rotation in even more of Jango Radio's summer stations!
  • Guaranteed Music Review package courtesy of ArtistPr.com (up to $800 value)
  • A BEST SHOT deal courtesy of MusicSubmit.com (up to $150 Value)

The 9 runners up winners received the following: 
Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks again to all of you awesome musicians who participated! 

Grand Prize Winner

Cadence Kid - Hold On Me 

Runners Up

Anthony Francisco - Sunshine
SMITH (R&B) - Tapestry
Kelsey Lewis - Ruby Red Shoes
Spaceship - I Blame the Lines
Jake Vance - The Poet
Mike Liegel - Stick Around
Mike Stocksdale - All Right
Honawolf - Suitcase In Hand

Overall Winners 

GTM - Chasing the Summer
SC - Summer Lover feat. Tessa Norman
The Evening Shades - Game Show
Solomon Jaye - Ordinary Man
Sophia Daniz - Day Dreaming
Gabe Lopez - California Blues (feat. Belinda Carlisle)
Paul Bohak - You'll See
The Alpaca Gnomes - Honey
Peyton Davis - Nowhere America
Crane - Endless Summer
Matt VanFossen - Where You Gonna Run To Now
Howard Benjamin Bailey - Backroom
Climbing Trees - Tracks
MCEpicDose - Good Love
His Name is Dana - It's My Day
Meshukatzot - Stoners
King Dreams - Vibes
Kate Diaz - Want To
André Orlando - Lemonade
Ships Have Sailed - Summertime
Sean McMahon and the MoonMen - House Of Mirrors
Todd Herfindal - Right Here Now
Boo Riley - To: Alexis, From: Leander
Robert Kelly Music - All Summer Long
False North - Confetti
The Owl-Eyes - Broken Strings
Fireside Prophets - Goosebumps
Maggie Baugh - Heck of a Story
The New Investors - This is the Season
Carly Lind - I Don't Belong
Lights in August - Alone
The Valery Trails - OK
Mike de la Cruz - Pa'elante
Amity and 12th (formerly Alex Leicht) - Twisted Summer
T.J. Kingston - From Far Away
U-Sity Feat SeanK - Party Ova Here
XOVA (Pop) - 9 Lives
Bones (Blues) - 10 Days
Cinema Star - ATTRACTIVE
Daniela Flores - Heaven
Lukay - Baby Ya Right
Multii Millionz - Where U At
Alice Sonia-Michael - Seconds of silence
Birch Book - Stray Summer Song
Moore & Moore (with Billy Yates) - Sand In Our Shoes
Darkside_iam - Summertime
Active Sun - I Gotta Get It
droptheeye - House on a beach
Bebo Grove - Vacant Places
Steve Rivers - Where There's Smoke There's Whiskey
Auralyn Waves - Alive
Stellar - RTF
Katy Mckenzie - Freedom
HWY-99 - Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye
Eclano - Summer of Us (feat. Dom Gonnella)
Patrick Von - Sunny Afternoon
JLuv Official - If It Ain't This
Hamish R Marr - A good day.
Smoke Hustle - 8 Fifty Thang
Dani Diasio - Walk The Talk
keece - She's So Irreplaceable
Bruce Blackman / Starbuck - Doing Nothing
Mitch Katz - Rosalita
Sapphyre Bardot - Come Get This Love
Mike Breen - Just Poor
Chris Taylor - New Day
Billy Gilman - Summertime
Velleta - Remedy
Brian Purist - Wish You Were Here
Amen - Acoustic Earth
Mind Set Muzik - Closed Mouths
Adele Morgan - Get Away
Steinrøys - Miss Fortune
JAEK - Love We Found
Cry The Blues Away - Johnny Allen Slack
1st Time - DeMetrius Rodriguez
The Innov8tors - Love Like This
Robert James - Wide Open
John Cotton - Life of Ease
Patten and Goff - Proud of Who I Am
Emma Dykes - Footprints
The Empire Associates - The Old Gods
Tony Halchak - Ragweed Summer
Kobie - Catching Feelings
King Con - The Blender's Gonna' Fire!
John Hines - Cabo Morning
Dennis Filaofsoul Crocker - Barbeque
State Line Syndicate - Loves Me So
Abby Feferman - More Than Words Can Say
KamaleoniCa - Te extraño
Kennedy York - Misdemeanor
Dave Russell - Summer Girls
The Vibrant Sound - Gravity
Lois Gillespie - Sweet Snake Poison
Jessamyn Rains - Won't They Be Surprised
Amy Kress - Numb
kathy keogh - Wife of the Party
D-Elite - Smash Mouf
That Being SO - It's the Girl
Hawk - A Lil Sumpn Sumpn
Mutt Ley - Mean Summer
chazz/mac - love crazy
Barry Johnson - Brand New
Trevor Dahlen - Hey Hey Baby
Bill Hartmann - Sorry
Sunblind Lion - Love Into Battle
David Castro - A Quien Ire
Ronnie I - My First Love
Cold Beer & Broads - Summer Girl
Jay Janszen - An Instance Of Love
DORMEE - In The Summer
Joyce Vetter - Roll On The Lazy River
Valery Stronsky - You are my Love
Mindset Music - We're Not Here At All - Jodee Bishop
Lionel Lodge - You And I
The DeadBeats - Karma
Jerry Kennedy - When You Came By
Dorian M - Sing With Me
Michael Tanenbaum - A Hui Hou (Duet w/Joe Freedman)
Jimmy C. Williams - Freight Train Blues
Same Old Tale - Precious
The New Granadas - Ghost
Maria Ayo - Hazel Eyes
Aberrition - Closest To Perfect
Jae Jin - Running
Cody Joe Hodges - One More Drink
Phaze II - My Favorite Guy
R.X. Bertoldi - When The Bullets Fly
Erin Gannon Simms - Live n' Let Loose
Orchestra Fuego - Sabor Latino
Mark Lerman - Find You
Disgruntled Bastards - One Hell Of A Day
Southern Mischief - Secret Place
Rilee O'Neill - Butterflies
Gary Owen - Summer Dream
Raffaella Piccirillo - Ragazzi
Les Bateliers - Les Bateliers
Da' Groove Machine - (Morning Man) Night Time Lover
Brennans' Bounty - This Prairie Town
Leah Finkelstein - One Hell of a Summer Fling
EVAN BEKIARIS - Bad Bad Bad Girl
The Casanova Playboys - Angela
Ermitt Mr Blues Williams - Summertime
Silent Ocean - Summer Breeze
Alex Dart Band - Crazy for Your Love
Turgut - Chemicals (feat. Christine Ekeberg)
Chaser Eight - Lift Me Up
Sour Mash String Band - Down the Highway
Chad Wilson - Let Her Know
Whiskey Reverb - Eternal Summer
Judy Barnett - Bummer Summer
Prymal - Private Paradise
Riff Reign - Last Night
EHRIE - Part Time Lover Ft Danny B
Final Void - Dianthus
Ladrones de Guevara - 7 Minutos
Rillo - SummerTime
T-Richh - I Know
Manny Cabo - Friday Night
The Kates (Siberia) - Mad Fire
40Amp.fuse - Tumble Dry
Boo Project - Planitana
The Weaklings - Someday
Szilva - I Feel U
Toni Swain - Tattoo
Belinda Wickens - In the Eye of the Beholder
Rellz Tha Postman and Christobal The Vision - Sun Roof
Folkwood - The World
John and the Time Traveling Bicycle - Summer Days
Patrice Mason - Beautiful Day
Theep k Ft !spazz! - Fell in love
Tina Karras - Lemon Lime Soda
Steve Oakley Band - Whiskey & Angels
Civil Sound - Fun
Yung phaqtz - Don't act
The show broadway group - Trembling Kiss
twelve a.m. flowers - A Luxury Squeeze
Nicole Stella - Queenstown Lane
Devenairedc - How Does It Feel Ft. Tierani La'Chelle
Nate (France) - Little Sad Men
Megan Zurkey - When I Wasn't Looking
Stereolover - Sun
C. Preest - One Moe Feat. Kemet
Iliana - Predictable
Chauncey Maynor - Love Plane