Monday, February 8

2016 Love Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2016 Love Song Contest. We received over 1,400 amazing song submissions this year! 

132 songs were chosen by our panel of judges to appear in our Independent Valentine's Day '16 station on Out of those, we chose our favorite 10 submissions. 

The Top 10 Love Song winners received 1,000 play credits added to their Radio Airplay accounts, exclusive promotion in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets, and placement in the Love Songs station. 

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to all who entered their music! 

Top 10 

Ariel - Had Me At Hello
Ships Have Sailed - If Only 
Fool's Chaos - Winter Paradise
Stacey Randol - No Vacancy 
FRANK & FRIENDS - You're My Lady
Daniel Pittenger - La Da Da
Kennedy Noel - Then Came the Fall
John and the Time Traveling Bicycle - Love is Love
Jae Jin - Ain't About Love
Austen Ledley - Meant to Be

Overall Winners added to the Independent Love Songs '16 station on

Ariel-Had Me At Hello
Samantha Gibb-Hold Her In Your Hand
Steve Young UK-Hold Me Close
Lou Armagno-Love Dance
Lyndle Kearns-Crazy for You
Grace Denny-Give Me Love
Dr. FeelGood-Make Me
Ships Have Sailed -If Only 
Fool's Chaos-Winter Paradise
Stacey Randol-No Vacancy 
FRANK & FRIENDS-You're My Lady
American Legacy Jazz Band-The Anniversary Song: Happy Anniversary
The Root Doctors-Free
The Root Doctors-Someday
Miss Mikaila-Sweet Poison
RAURA-Neon Lovers
Cord Progressions-Diamonds and Tin
Kevin Stokley-Stoned
June Bisantz-You're Mine, You
Kennedy Nöel-Then Came the Fall
Nancy Hubanks-Gone
Rick Raynes-Priceless
Daniel Paul-Round Again
Megan Schroder-Is It Just Me
Sean McMorris-Together
Olivia Faye-Catch Me I'm Fallin'
Jen Stackpole-Over You
Moxy and The Influence-Bella's Song
Adam and Darcie-Deep In Me
Steven Garcia-Just Want to Hold You
Michael Tracy-Tell 'Em That Too
Tim Walker-Lullabies
Sean Reyes (Official)-Wasted Breath (Drumstep Remix)
Skyline Hotel-Oh My Dear
THE GARDIS-Nothing at all
Zac Nelson-Life Is Wonderful
Teleguitarslinger-Smile Baby Smile
Lelia Booker-Burns-Coming Back To Me
Billy Gilman-Wishing You Were Here
TONEAGE collective-Love is
Sara-Forgot all the Words
Brian Stormm-I Fell In Love With You
Veil (Cody Gill)-Midnight
John and the Time Traveling Bicycle-Love is Love
Jae Jin-Ain't About Love
Maggie Baugh-Heck of a Story
Single Girl, Married Girl-Eight
ACIDIC-Miles from Home
Jerry Kennedy-When You Came By
Shadow Flag-Letters
Hannah Bethel-You Wanna Be My Man
Torelli and the Fuse-Hey Girl
Stephen Costantino-All For You
BogdanO-Pentru Ea
Daniel Pittenger-La Da Da
Brenda Burch-Sparks Will Fly
Jay Dirks-Lost In A Love Song
Logan Tudeen-Already Gone
Chris Kemson-Sleep On It
Austen Ledley-Meant to Be
RockaBilly Roach-Simple Love Song
Hit n Run-Come on Down
Chris Palmer-I’ll Find You Again
M&U Soundproject-Hold me in your arms tonight
N"Lyss-Kiss No Tell
Sound of Lighthouse-Music & Rhyme
Ruth Resuello-Brightly
CafeNihililste-Polly and John
Denim Wedding-To the Moon
Kate Diaz-Locks
Kelsey Lewis Music-Naive
Happenstance-Love Will Bring You Back 
Fiagro-Let Me Wrap You
David Harbaugh-Without You
@IAMPrettyLyon-“WHY" Prod. by Nickebeats1738
Todd Herfindal-More Than I
Nicole Eitner and The Citizens-Slow and Tight
Candice Artist-Some are the loving kind
Lindsy Says-Headlights
Fi-Shut Up
Trevor McSpadden-Somebody's Gonna Cry Tonight
Chasing Colors Minneapolis-Airplanes
Jenn Clark-So Through
Doug Hamer-Woodlands
Attack Cat-Remarkable 
Chaser Eight-Moving On
Kevin Burgess-Together In A Song
Jamie Alimorad-Rock Me To Heaven
Janine Jkuhl-Tempted
Herban Empire-Fading Memories
twelve a.m. flowers-Always Falling
John Tracy-You
PowerPlay FYI-The Power Of Love
Peggy Clinton-You'll never have
Staci Smith-Like a Thorn
HighBrass-Last Time
Different Moon-Call My Name
The Scenic Sound-You & I
Julien Kelland-Skinny Love
Shannie Ross-The Break Up
Brannon-I Love You
Megan Zurkey-Undeserving
Charlie Russell-Love Calls
Cadence Kid-Ecstasy
Jules Pollifrone-Heart on My Sleeve
Melissa Robertson-My Heart's On Fire
Birds of the Sun-Oceans
Prince Avian-Leave it be
Skylar Kaylyn-In My Head
Jennifer Hayes-In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning
james lee stanley-I Can't Cry Anymore
Last Day Rising-Say Goodbye
Will Dodson-Where there's a will
The Acoustic Medicine Show-Loving you
Cathy Vaughan-Anymore
Kenny Young-Simple Things
Stereomaid-In A Lifetime
Ward Axe-She
Richard Gilbert-Nothin But A Dream
Tim Kirker-Everything Changes
Just Say PLZ-Still Wuz Myne
Claiming Neptune-Let Me Let Go
Loretta Lee-To Be Alone With You
Conway Seavey-Here for Good
BGK (Bad Girl Kimoe)-Sandbox
J-MATIC-Genuine Love