December 4, 2015

How Do I Add Lyrics To My Profile?

To add lyrics to your page, first visit your Jango Radio profile page, by clicking on “Public Profile” at the top-right corner of your Radioairplay account page, once signed in there.


Clicking on “Public Profile” will take you to your public Jango Radio profile page. Once there, scroll down the page until you see your list of song(s) - each song will have a clickable “Lyrics” link. Click on “Lyrics” next to your song.


Once you click on “Lyrics”, you’ll be redirected to an external lyrics website - like “”

Once on the “AZlyrics” website, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see the option to “Submit Lyrics”. This is the option for creating a new page for your song lyrics.


Clicking on “Submit Lyrics” will take you to the page on the site, where you can create and submit the page for your song lyrics. Once that’s done, it’s up to AZlyrics to actually approve and create the new lyrics site for you.

Realistically, this can take some time, as a site like receives many new lyrics page submissions for both major and indie artists from around the world. Once the new lyrics page is indeed approved and created there, this will cause the “Lyrics” next to a song on your Jango Radio page to link up with that new lyrics page for your song, on

Alternatively, you can also add lyrics and any other information directly to your Radio Airplay account - within the “Artist Bio” field. This is on your ARTIST CONTENT > INFO & LINKS page.

Once on the INFO & LINKS page, scroll down to the bottom-left, and you’ll see the “Artist Bio” field.


Anything you add in that "Artist Bio" field will become accessible directly from your Jango page, within the “Artist Bio” section there. Make sure you click UPDATE to save your information added.