Wednesday, November 25

Why Your Current Songs Probably Won’t Work For Film Or TV

"You’re a songwriter. You’ve got dozens of songs that you’ve written and recorded. Maybe you wrote them for yourself hoping to perform them one day. Maybe you wrote them to pitch to other artists. Either way, these songs have been sitting around for some time now and you want to do SOMETHING with them – ANYTHING. So you think to yourself “Maybe I can get this song placed on a film or television show.

Stop! Erase that thought now! It’s probably not going to happen. Why? Because you didn’t write the song for film/TV and you probably don’t know the rules about writing for that medium.
Yep! Sorry to say, film/TV has it’s own rules. A lot of people think that it’s just the collecting place for songs that can’t find a home anywhere else but that’s totally not the case. Many of the songs you hear on your favorite shows were written by a songwriter like myself who has studied the rules of writing for film/TV." 

Take a look at this informative article by our partners at CD Baby with some "rules" that you should follow if you want to specifcally write songs to be synced for film or TV.