September 24, 2015

NEW! Why Are My Plays So Slow? How do I speed up plays?

First, please be advised that it is normal for pacing of plays to slow down/speed up. This largely depends on how many listeners are tuning into your selected target artist stations and how many artists like yourself are targeting those same artists. 

If you find that your songs are not playing at a fast enough pace and you want the songs played with more frequency, there’s a few aspects of your targeting that you can adjust:

  • You can increase the play speed at anytime from your CAMPAIGN SETTINGS>STANDARD TARGETING using the “Play Speed” option. The default speed is set at “normal” but you can increase it to a faster speed and adjust as needed.

  • Adding more artists to your target list and/or adding more popular or mainstream artists to your list will speed up rate of plays.  

    The minimum number of artists one must select to start a campaign is 5. However, you can add up to 30 artist targets. The more artists you add to your list, and the more “popular” these artists are, the faster the speed of plays will be because you are expanding your listeners to a wider scope.

  • Applying more play credits to a song will also increase speed of plays. If you apply very few credits to a song, then the system will pace those plays out so that they last longer and don’t get used up too quickly. Applying credits in larger increments will help kick up the frequency of plays on your songs.

**Keep in mind that having Premium Targeting enabled and focusing plays in certain regions or to a particular demographic will also decrease the frequency of plays because the potential listeners are dramatically narrowed down.