Tuesday, July 7

Summer Contest 2015 Winners!


 Independent Summer 2015
We apologize sincerely for the delay in announcing the winners. This year we received over 3000 submissions and our judge panel wanted to listen to all and accurately judge each one.

Our judges wound up choosing the top 200 song submissions to be featured on the Jango.com Independent Summer 2015 station which is currently listed in the Top Stations section and receiving over 400 plays per day and climbing.

Here are your 2015 winners:

1 Grand Prize Winner

 Logan Tudeen
Logan Tudeen - High Times

Bouncing onto the national scene straight from America’s Heartland, Logan Tudeen’s twist on modern country adds a light and jubilant delivery to the formats offerings on her debut self-titled project.
"I'm not here to rain on anyone’s sunshine, this is a fun record. It was a dream of mine to record it and I really hope everyone has a great time listening to it." Under the production wing of Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), Logan’s debut captures both her gleeful spirit and relatable lyrics.

10 Runners Up

Top Band on Jango This Week
Olivia Penalva - Ferris Wheel
Top Band on Jango This Week
Rebel Coast - We Are The Brave Rebel Coast
Top Band on Jango This Week
Tristan Thompson - Tidal Wave (Boomtang Mix)
Top Band on Jango This Week
AJ Fortune - Good In Summer
Top Band on Jango This Week
J the Great - Cruising the Sun
Top Band on Jango This Week
Ariel - Summertime
Top Band on Jango This Week
ahmari LIA - Summer Nites
Top Band on Jango This Week
Kaurna Cronin - Fearless
Top Band on Jango This Week
Bridgework - Something To Say
Top Band on Jango This Week
Rachel Reed - Perdu (ft. Chi Pah)

Top 200 Songs chosen for the Jango.com Independent Summer 2015 station.

Logan Tudeen - High Times
Olivia Penalva - Ferris Wheel
Rebel Coast - We Are The Brave - Rebel Coast
AJ Fortune - Good In Summer
J the Great - Cruising the Sun
Ariel (Pop) - Summertime 
ahmari LIA - Summer Nites
Tristan Thompson - Tidal Wave Boomtang Mix
Bridgework - Something To Say
Kaurna Cronin - Fearless
Rachel Reed - Rachel Reed ft. Chi Pah - Perdu
Pells Voice - Expert Pretender
Jay Tromp - Mean Mugs
Barley Station - Younger Summer Memories
The Vogts Sisters - Southern Summer
Stonewheel - Chase The Sun
Omri & the Nobel's - Light The World For Two
G-Sommelier - Southwesternpimpalistic
Bretten Low - She's With Me
Jules Pollifrone - Telephone Line
chaitanyamusic2015 - Picture Perfect
Marirose - Na Na Song
Chris Bartlett - Fool For the Summer
FLOWERMANIA - SOMEONE feat. Racquel Roberts
Devil In Drag - Woman On Fire
Sideshow Radio - Enough's Enough
Paul Bohak - See You Win
Matthew Marren - Simple Summer Song
Chickie Pagano (Pop) - Feel It by Chickie Pagano
Natalie Major - Beautiful Life
Pi.E - Take A Stand
Aaron Acosta - It's Almost Summertime
Amanda Loving - Heartbreak
Rob Bonfiglio - Beautiful
Endurance - Right On Time
Big Stone Crew - No regrets
Brennans' Bounty - This Is It
Anny Celsi - Summer Fling
Aventyr - Wanted
Ten Cent Herring - The Light
Mara del Aire - Not your woman
Nick Piazza - Summer Moon
RIIL Chemistry - Flowers and Grenades
Kostya Leontovich - Summer
Street Kid - Down By The River
Kris Angelis - Rhyme Nor Reason
Adam Randy - Summer Love
Debbie L. Rice, songwriter - Yours
J.Smith - Summertime
Matt Austin - The Island
Randy Clay - Don't Be Late For Summer
Jessica's Theme Band - Everything Goes
The Hip Hop Nation - Featuring MC Sinister Black - Roll with The Black - Featuring MC Sinister Black
Stasy MJ - Break Rules
Rob Dye Band - Tiki Bar on the Beach (vocals by Matt D.)
Vincent Eason - I'm Alive
Carrie Marshall - Sunny Day
Charley and Jesi - Voodoo Woman
Daniel Pittenger - Summertime
Stu Gray - Let's go Dutch
Against the Clocks - Love's Like
Rebecca Cullen - Carry On
Mari Jean - Free
Steve Oakley Band - Last Days of Summer
Heart Of Stones - Death Of The Sirens
Yuri Righi - St. Pete's Sunset
Leitbur - The Moment That I Knew You
Kally Lowle - Sun CIty
The Hollyberries - Boards & Bikinis Rule (Down at Malibu)
Jay Stubbs (Hip Hop/Rap) - Young Souls ft. K. Flye
RockaBilly Roach - Beach With Ya Baby
Joel Gustafsson - Drive You Home
David Harbaugh - Summer Time (Love in the Air) - Country Artist DAVID HARBAUGH
Bebo Grove - Wasted Lives and Broken Wings
Tower of Mercy - Are You Washed?
Ken Bierschbach - Bonnie
Annagrey - Surfside
elyan anderson - out of time
Larry Keith - Northern Town
Paolo Nunin Band - Angel of the road
KINDER - Livin' on (100.3) the edge
jOsh (Toronto) - The Most (Extended Version) Prod. Birocratic
Johannes Linstead - Cafe Tropical
Alpha Dream - Represent
Moore & Moore - Summer Love
Adriel Oran - Every Little Star
Wesley Woo - Fall Again (Studio Edit)
Rudy Moose - Keep Fighting
Tipsy in Chelsea - Wouldn't Mind the Wait
Laura MacLean - When To Let It Go
bemuzic - English Summer
RellMusic - Party ft ErybodyJones
Diego Origlia - My Prison
The 100s - Bottle Of Red
Julien Kelland - See Me Like This (Over You)
Rick S. Rose - Remember Me
Boy on Guitar - Your Place
The Acoustic Medicine Show - Faded Memory
Of David - Scars
Zeus Irons - C.O.Y. (chasing only you)
Count the Thief - Vintage
In Isolation - Single Rotations Of Love
Coseth&Diego - Mi Libertad
Todd Michael Schultz - Hotel
Pilot Touhill - Kaleidoscope
Porcelain Pistols - ULTIMATUM
Treehouse Sanctum - Freedom
dopemonster - U Better Put Something Behind It
Alejandro de Miguel - Si No Vuelves
Trevor Steele - Under Your Spell
Markeith Muzic Inc. - God never fail me yet
The Elders - Meetings of the Waters
S1MPLE - Come Back Down - S1mple
Jeff Sheppard - Beautiful Day
Elle Casazza - Witness
Nathan Sink - With You By My Side
The Jody Pyles Band - Dirt Track Man
Taylor Tickner - Think About Me
Prince Ace (Hip HoP/Rap) - No Tomorrow
Kris Scott - Hey! I Love
The Middle Kid - Ghosts
Zac Nelson - Life Is Wonderful
The Redwood - Clever
Teah Philani - Sway (Ah Shucks) feat. Candy Girl
RiZA - Kabembe
Carlos Arturo - Nadie Como Yo
MindScheme - A Million Reasons Why (The Telephone Song)
Umbrellacodedmusicgroup/ giovonnipratt - Giovonni Pratt: Love Life and Principle Ft.  Toki 
Kadia Rush - Fight The World
Brenna Swanger - Forged From Fire
Tomer Aaron - Cosmic Gate
Julian Rhine - Lemonade
Spirit of Truth - Somethin Epic
Vinnie's TV - Hole In My Boat
OTTOKRAFT - Do it Baby
Hear Tonight - Clover
Heather Gruber - Goodbye Hello
Matt Homan & The Bluegrass Disciples - Hometown Girl
Royal Johnson - Sister Carrie
Ganksta C - Family
ALI V - Kaleidoscope
Jacqueline Rolston - The Island
True Violet - Stand by You
Ryan Anthony (@Sanglikeme) - Reaction x3
The Fires Of - Pulse
Ryan Black Band - Hooky
Blood Red Boots - Hottest
MURGARA - Niña Nigna
Don Cali Fuzzaracci - WAVEY feat Racci of 4PACK ENT.
Roy Kossena - Be
Frank Palangi - Break These Chains
Brian Lee Bender - Good Time Girl
Ryan Flores - If Only You Knew
Darkstarz Records - Caper - Higher
Devil In Drag - Woman On Fire
Trance Blackman - Situation
Cochon Bleu - La Danse De Mardi Gras
Sandy Zio - Sparkling Waters
Lu Jasper - Disappear
All Things Automatic - My Dungeon
Erick Macek - No Worries
Eminencia Clasica - Give Me Love
Sierra Amora' - Better
Jae Stephens - Killing Time
The Black Marbles - Free Your Mind
Melissa Romanovich - On Hold
Wiker - Debt
Reflectivity - 04 Can't Love (Anyone)
Liv Margaret - Spinning
Laurelhurst - Partner In Crime
M.V.P. (TORONTO) - she rock my world--m v p and bush man
Nate Evans (Pop) - Nate Evans - A Lovely Day
Dr Mambo and the Experience Ensemble - Two Plus Two
2 Men and a Campfire - Looking for a Friend
PAN (ALLAN) - Trouble Growing Up
Dextreat - See You Around
Jacob Tyler Lucas - Sour
John Moukarzel - A World In The Dark
LeBon LeBon - Turn The Lights Out
Ras T Asheber - Movin' Up (The Summit)
Frankie Bourne - Home Country Blues
Jacquelene Ambrose - Mellow
Ty Hannah - Maybe I Love You
Gypsy Mobile - You And Me
Mario S'ka - I won't let you go
Michael D. Keeney - Big Dreams
The Classic Youth - Priorities
Abbey stJohn - Rage (The Single)
Kirby Heyborne - Good Morning, Love | Kirby Heyborne & Sarah Morgann | Us
Symphonic Destiny - Midnight
Jay Roecker & Members Only - Sunday Funday
Mr.Tac aka Chocolate - Party Song
Run, Ellie! - Amazon
Malamanera - Oh oh!
Jimmy and the Parrots - Volunteers