February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Song Contest Winners

Thank you to all the artists who submitted songs to our 2015 Valentine's Day Song contest!

We received over 1700 song submissions (the most for any contest we've run so far!) and listened to each and every one of them.  

150 songs were chosen by our panel of judges overall to appear in our Independent Valentine's Day '15 station on Jango.com

Out of those 150, 1 song was chosen as a overall grand prize winner and we awarded 14 others as runners up.

The station and the winners include both love and anti-love songs.

Our Grand Prize winner received 4000 play credits and a track spot in the very popular Jango.com station Love Songs!

Congratulations to Lunatic Wolf and their winning song Roses 

14 runners up received 1000 plays and spot on Jango.com's Ear Poppin New music station:

Frankie Bourne - 21st Century 
Tristan Thompson - Feels Like Forever 
3 Kisses - Love Is a Grave 
Nu Man (Pop) - I've Been Thinking (I want a wife) 
Moxy and the Influence - Piece of My Heart 
Elle Ray - Golden Heart 
Song_Maker - When You Do It All Wrong 
Natalie Gelman - Long Stemmed Roses 
The Blackmail Seduction - I'll Be Right Here 
Nightmare River Band - Why don't you love me 
Adriel Oran - Fall In Love Again 
Jason Sweeney - Hiding Behind Mountains 
Erick Macek - That I Care 
Dead To Rights - Your Love 

Congratulations to our 15 winners and thanks again to all who entered their music.
Stay tuned to the Radio Airplay blog for a Spring Fling contest coming April 2015.

Here is the listing of all the 150 artists/songs that made the cut to appear in our Independent Valentine's Day '15 station.

Lunatic Wolf - Roses
Moxy And The Influence - Piece of My Heart
Frankie Bourne - 21st Century
Tristan Thompson - Feels Like Forever
Song_Maker - When You Do It All Wrong
Adriel Oran - Fall In Love Again
Jason Sweeney - Hiding Behind Mountains
NatalieGelman - Long Stemmed Roses
The Blackmail Seduction - I'll Be Right Here
Dead To Rights - Your Love
Nightmare River Band - Why Don't You Love Me?
Elle Ray - Golden Heart
Nu Man (Pop) - I've Been Thinking (I want a wife)
Erick Macek - That I Care
3 Kisses (Rock) - Love Is a Grave
Kelly & The Hermanos - City On A Hill
Homeskillet - Giving You My Heart
The Dead Good - Room 106
Alex Valentine - This Is Not A Love Song
Chris Monaghan - Breathe In
Mr. Siccness - I Can Be Ft. D Salas
Kam Carter - Slow Down--Kam Carter feat Nketia
INGELA - Love come forward
Greg Richie - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Megan Zurkey - Undeserving
Olivia Millerschin - Screw Valentine's Day
Cadillak - BABY I DON'T LIE
Mitch Katz - My Valentine
Caitlin Rushing - Fight Against the Wind
Lion in The Mane - Bright Sunny Beautiful
Radiofix - Dead on the Vine
Skylar Kaylyn - In My Head
Barefoot McCoy - Falling
Jacqueline - Don't Get Down
Jesse Jack - Thinking Of You
miriam crespo - something beautiful to dream
Chris Loid - Until The Earth Stands Still
Charge The Atlantic - Emma & James
Easy Street (NY) - Some Kinda Love
Baronessa - Always Never
Grace Denny - Give Me Love
Doug Brockett - February Rain
Ben Lorentzen - These Sudden Changes
Master's Will Music - Found A Friend
Burke Ingraffia - What Can I Do For You?
Jody Byrd - I'll Give You More
Sami Jo - Don't Fall in Love With Me Again
Marc Robillard - A Girl I didn't know
Ben Sturgell - February blue
Sam Mooney - Heartbreaker
Brenda Bee - Love is always around
Paul - You Are (My Everything)
Frank & Friends - You're My Lady
AM Radio - Valentine's Day
Eugenia Johnson - Back to You
Taylor Tickner - Will you Be My Valentine
Moore & Moore - L.O.V.E.
Haley & Alexis Band - You Don't Know Me At All
Jay Stubbs - Think I'm In Love
Reasonable Barbarians - A Phone Call
For Every Day - Fall Apart
JAC - Love Won't Waste It's Time On Me
Kyle Warren - Lisbon
Thisbe Vos - Under Your Spell
Beth Crowley - Porcelain Heart
Kari Fleskes - Wouldn't We Be Something
Mike Hyden - Theresa Smile
XOCH - I Know
Diltz Brothers Band - Hold Me Tonite
Renegade Band - I Think I'm Falling
Butterfield - Forsaken
Taylor Ash - Beautiful Words
Cobbi Mac - My Baby
Beca - Fall Into Light
Scott Shea - Let It Storm
Markus K - You Set My Spirit Free
GILES power trio - Circles
Thomas Martinez - Close Enough
Anthony Grandville - FINGER FOR THIS RING
Samantha Voyce - PIECES
Kepler Junction - Crystal Heart
Shiri Maimon - Time To Say Goodbye
Outside World - Hands Around My Heart
Francois Dean - Please Don't Say
Sydney Bernknopf - Finally Done Waiting
Nancy McCallion - The Leaving Kind
Colleen Eccleston - True Love
Maxine - Destroy
Squeaker - Some Kind Of Beautiful
The Noted - The One
Majesty Da God - Music To My Ears
Devare - This ya Love Is Here to Stay
Jenny Tolman - Let it Go On
Roc$tedy - Love Her
Black Lab - Mine Again
Daniele Gabriele - Principessa di un'estate
Famupmuzic - Complicated - T The Truth
We 4 - Roller Coaster
Haunted by Destiny - Turning pages
The Hardin Draw - Southern Queen
Josef George - High School Sweetheart
Street Kid - Casualty of War
The Dave K Project - Resurrection
Blind Fire Rebels - Until I Fall Again
Julien Kelland - I Blame You
Thornton Lee - Next Life
Drew Tofin - Say You Love Me (feat. Denise Valle)
Blind Fire Rebels - Until I Fall Again
Magali Delarosa - Revival
Nathan Sink - With You By My Side
King Teddy - All Along
Terry Holder - To Love Her
Global Fusion Soundtrack - So Fine
Torre South - 4 EVER
Daniel Polich - Call To My Angel
HONCH - You're The One
Auroravore - Everything Is You
Tony Fresco -  How You Feel (Prod. By Dowtown Music)
Adrianna Douglas - Lovers Company
Ashley Faith - You, Darling
BetterMethods - Letting Go
Bobby Cool - Take A Ride With Me
Cathy Dale - Who Do You Think You're Talkin' To
Marcia Brady - The Rapper - Inside My Love with Minnie Riperton
XOVA (Pop) - Goodbye
The Hamiltons (Rock) - Bleeding For You
Tariq 'TEE-M' Mirza - TEE-M Kisses By The Bucket (studio)
david brinkman - Be My Valentine
Jimmy (Easy)Lindsay - I Will Love You
Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas - Luvdrug
Justine Dorsey - What's It To Me?
Acuff & Sherfey - 4 Corners
Jerry Hannan - Mad Hannans - Got it Goin' On
Kelsey Lewis Music - Falling
Mimi Klein (Jazz) - With a song in my heart
David Sinclair Four - Perfect In Every Way
Deb Hedges - This Old and Worn Out Tshirt
Devonte Singer - Devonte - Beautiful (DJ Seip Remix)
Dreams - Elma Reukema - Insomnia
JOEL  CAGE - Nobody
Jeff Strahan (Americana) - Superman
Joe Tyler & Tina Eno - Love Of A Lifetime
Rickey E. Pittman: Bard of the South - Miss Rio Grande Valley
Karina Noel - Blue Collar Love
Kash Q - HIGH
Martin Lucassen - Heart On Fire
Matt Coleman - Matt Coleman-Love You Like I Do
Nate The Great #HenceTheName - WWDT Feat. J.Woods (Prod. By IamDGP)