January 1, 2015

How Do I Add/Edit Artist Info. and My Links?

How Do I Add/Edit Artist Info. and My Links?

To access the section, go to your Artist Content menu and click on Info & Links from the drop down menu.

On the left side of the  page you can edit your Artist name, genre, location and artist bio. On the right side of the page you can connect your Airplay account to various social media and online store sites.

Social & Web Links
From here Here you can connect your Airplay account with Social Media sites. Keep in mind that the link to Facebook must be a Facebook page, and not a personal Facebook profile. The best way to get the correct URL is to actually go to your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace page(s) and copy the URL then paste into the field where it belongs.

What is a URL?
The URL (or link) is the location of a website on the Internet. When you type the address of a web page into your browser, you are typing a URL. The picture below displays an example of a Facebook Page URL. You should highlight your URL and then choose to “copy”. Then, you’ll be able to “paste” the URL directly into the appropriate field of your Info & links page on your Radio Airplay dashboard. Once you add your URLs, make sure that you click UPDATE to save.


What is Custom Link Name & URL?
If you want your listeners to visit a site that is not any of the present (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) you can add a custom link. The "Custom Link Name" tells viewers what they are clicking on (band website, Instagram, etc..), and the "Custom Link URL" is their destination.

Store Links
If you sell your music online you can connect that store to your Airplay account. Copy the URL from your store and paste it to the field representing the store. The smart icons will be displayed every time your song is being played to listeners from your Promo Unit. If you sell your music on a site that's not listed you can use the "Custom Link Name" and "Custom Link URL" to connect it with your Airplay account.

What is the Promo Unit Custom Message and Custom Message URL?

Custom Message: In the "Custom Message" field you can add an 80 character long message.  this will be shown in your Promo Unit to listeners when they hear your music. You can preview your promo unit and Custom Message from your Campaign Settings menu, Promo Unit page by clicking “preview unit”. Here is an example of a custom message appearing in your artist Promo Unit (the message is underlined in red)

Custom Message URL (link): The message you'll write in the Custom Message field will be clickable, and you can decide where to direct clicks. If you Custom Message says "Like our band on Facebook" it would make sense to put a link to your Facebook page in the Custom Message URL field.

What is “Custom Flyer Content”?
This section is optional and we do not recommend new users to use this section. If you upload a Custom Flyer Image it will replace your entire promo unti. A scenario where the Custom Flyer Image is advantageous could be when you're doing a short-term campaign. For long-term use we strongly recommend not using a custom flyer image because it can affect your ratings.

What is Nimbit Store?
Nimbit store is an online distributor. If you don’t have an existing Nimbit account, you don’t have to connect or do anything. This is just an optional feature for those artists who are existing Nimbit members and wish to connect their account.