Thursday, December 18

Get this E-Book - Step by Step for Releasing Music

This E-Book puts together an easy-to-follow three month plan for anyone releasing an independent album.

The book focuses on the promotional aspect of releasing an indie album. Large color photos show you what a “one sheet” and band photos should look like, so you have a better idea of what promotional materials you should print for a press kit. There are also plenty of handy tips on how to promote your new disc to local radio stations, how to host a release party, and how to use social media to build a fan base. 

The author even offers a timeline, and tells you what to do each month until you are ready to release your album. Where to promote your album, and how to promote successfully. The author tells you how to create a business plan and what to do to succeed, even with a small budget.  This is a great read for any musician in any genre of music.

From Rock to Hip-Hop, there are tips here for everyone. Simple to read, easy to understand, this is an E-Book you can go back to for reference in the future for whenever you have a new album to release.

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