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Grab the complementary series on "Building An Awesome Business Around Your Music".

Each and every module of the course is designed to build massive goodwill and karma with your target audience.

In fact the endgame of this process is that you’ll build a thriving
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The brutal fact is that only a tiny percentage of musicians ever get signed to a major label, and even fewer of those ever actually get anywhere before being kicked to the curb for poor record where does that leave the majority of talented people who
never got a break?

Well in most cases it’s back to the day-job with that sickening feeling of your true potential slipping further and further away.
  If the idea of quitting the music business makes you holler "NOT ON MY WATCH” these training sessions are for you. The goal is to empower musicians to take control of the whole marketing process without having to rely on half-hearted record labels, PR firms or managers.

The information is clear, concise and comprehensive enough to meet
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