Thursday, May 16

Submit Your Songs To Music Industry Professionals

Broadjam is the web's leading community for independent songwriters helping its tens of thousands of musicians/bands promote their music online. They are about transparency and finding ways to get you going with your music career.  Broadjam connects songwriters/artists with music industry professionals who are looking for their music.  When you send your song to a Broadjam opportunity, it’s going straight to the music supervisor, publisher, or record label executive. There’s no middleman who’s making a decision about your track. It’s 100% guaranteed they’ll listen. They even tell you what time of day they heard your track and you can see the songs that get selected.

Our friends over at Broadjam have presented us with a very special promotion for Radio Airplay artists only. All Radio Airplay artists get a special FREE Broadjam Film & TV membership.

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