Wednesday, December 5

Winners Of The Radio Airplay Holiday Contest

Radio Airplay Holiday Contest
The response for this year's contest has been huge and we want to thank you all for submitting your holiday songs! After reviewing all the entries we've chosen 20 winners who have yet again proven that Radio Airplay hosts a massive amount of talent. These 20 songs will definitely get you in the holiday spirit, and we would like to congratulate the winners.

Winners of the Radio Airplay Holiday Contest and 1,500 Play Credits each:

Adrienne Pierce - "The More The Merrier"

Ben Reel - "This Christmas Time"

Brad Lovell - "Come On Christmas"

Brent Burns - "All Wrapped Up In Christmas"

Bruce Bergh Christmas - "Christmas Time of the Year (Studio)"

Casey McDonough (feat. Sweep Pepprika) - "Pennie, the Christmas Pickle"

Jeff Rogers - 'Rockin Santa Claus"

Jonny Blu - "Holiday For Two"

Kelly Pettit - "Christmas Everyday"

Kennedy Nöel - "This Holiday"

King Teddy - "Could It Be Christmas"

Ladd Biro - "Shades of White"

Laine Daniels - "Country Christmas"

Larry Costa - "The Christmas Song"

Michael Civisca - "That Holiday Feeling"

Mikey Wax - "Perfect Holiday"

Rochelle Lightfoot - "A Merry Little Christmas"

SJ - "One Christmas Wish"

Sten - "Xmastime"

Torelli - "O Holy Night"

Not on the list? Your song might still be in among this year's top 100 holiday songs and featured in our Independent Holiday '12 Station.

Click here to see if you're among the top 100 holiday songs.

Thank you all for joining the contest and for being part of Radio Airplay - happy holidays to all of you!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more Pappychris......

GJ Marshall said...

You can also listen to "Snow Drive"

Anonymous said...

What s joke...

k9compton said...


Anonymous said...

What about this one? You didn't like it Jango? ;)

Sinem Saniye said...

What about this one? You didn't like it Jango? ;)

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Sinem Saniye

Anonymous said...

This is a TOTAL SCAM...I set a song up without any airplay and nobody ever listened to it. Zero plays (which, if you remember, they asked for everything to be through your url.

What a joke. The outcome is pre-determined probably by the people that they know - or that work at Jango.

I am DONE with Jango. Total scammers and a total joke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that info, Anonymous! Some of these songs aren't even holiday songs! This is definitely a very big mistake by the Jango team. I'm disappointed in their integrity, to say the least.

JT Easy said...

Having been on the inside of several during my A+R days, my experience has been that 'song contests' winners are always folks that are familiar with and favorites of the 'contest' presenters. Remember that music is subjective, it is not prone to evaluation by folks that are uninterested in it except as a vehicle for profit, and most of all, MUSIC IS ART AND EXPRESSION, NOT A CONTEST.

Anonymous said...

I for one am pleased with the results because my band's song was selected. It is definitely a Christmas song and, not surprisingly, I think it's pretty good. We've gotten a little real radio airplay so there are others that have liked what we do.
I don't know anyone at Jango and have had no success with previous contests I entered. I pay for credits just like everybody else. Now that's a scam but I'm a witting participant. At least as a result of this contest I'll get some free plays.
Feel free to check out the tune: "Could It Be Christmas" by King Teddy. Would love any feedback.

Anonymous said...

You didn't like this one, Jango?

Over 20,000 plays!!!

Coomadoug said...

All successful promotions today are 95% logic and calculation. Music is created iand appreciated in the heart. To make judgements in a totally acceptable manner requires the application of emotional inteligence

Anonymous said...

After hearing these songs I would like to know the criteria of how the winners were chosen Was it the voice, arrangement , creative I m very disappointed in the judging it does not make sense

Anonymous said...

Chasing the wind is what this is called.

Craig Jessup said...

I have to say I'm more than disappointed with Jango/Radio Airplay. I've been playing my Christmas song for two weeks and gained many fans but get ZERO recognition from Jango! I'm gonna quit paying my money. After listening to a few of the top ONEHUNDRED I'm wondering who and how do you judge this!!!

Pennie Pickle said...

Pennie, the Christmas Pickle thanks you!

Bruce Bergh said...

Thanks, Jango/Radio Airplay! I have picked up several hundred more fans since I have been put into rotation. Check out more of my Jazz Vocal genre and Christmas originals at

Anonymous said...

Pappychris is great I love all of his music.....

Glenda G.