Friday, December 28

Happy New Year From Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay Music Promotion
2012 is coming to an end and all of us at Radio Airplay are looking forward to a great 2013. There have been many changes and improvements throughout this past year and we will continue to look for new ways to better the service in order to promote your music. Radio Airplay will continue to provide a great promotional service for our valued customers all throughout 2013.

We want to thank you all for being part of Radio Airplay and we wish you a Happy New Year!


Bamil Gutierrez said...

Happy New Year 2013 For Each And Everyone Of You On Radio Airplay And Thanks For Your Services And Support To My Music Through 2012. Blessings From ASCAP Singer-Songwriter, Music Arranger, Producer And Publisher Bamil

Rockin Rick Bodoky said...

Once again in 2012 Jango Radio Airplay has given me the opportunity to prove that when I can take my music to the people they like it. Thanks so much and happy new year.
Rockin Rick Bodoky

Mavyn Music Group,LLC. said...

Looking Forward to a bright New Year with Radio Airplay. We need more Internet radio like you guys on our team!!! #TeamIndie

Hellen Rivas said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Radio Airplay members and also to all the artists and fans connected here. Promoting Hellen Rivas' music on Jango Radio Airplay is a wonderful experience. We are happy with your services.
Greetings from Harol Rivas (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Arranger, Music & Video Producer)
~ Rivas Music & Video

Christine Rose said...

Happy New Year 2013 !

F.O.O.D Forged Out Of Dust said...

Happy New year from the Originals Band F.O.O.D (Forged Out Of dust). we have hear number 13 is a bad number but did you know, number 13 also is known as Redemption?

It goes back to Christ Jesus and His Disciples, over 2000 years ago. There 12 Disciples, so who was and is number 13? "Jesus"!!

So let not look at this year, as all things could go wrong, spiritually & materialistically. Rather look at this year, as the Year of Redemption.

Christ hand on those,who are willing to work out their real life in Him and to believe,trust & rely on and in Him.

Peace be with you all

F.O.O.D (Forged Out Of Dust)

F.O.O.D Forged Out Of Dust said...

Thank you Jango/RadioPlay for 2012. With out your service and generosity, we would not have the 303 people so far who have come to like our music. lets hope 2013, will be a properous year for all

Again Kind regards from all of the band members of F.O.O.D (Forged Out Of Dust)

DJ Milan said...

Happy new year to all of you from DJ Milan.
I wish you all the best in this year,and stay with the great music on radio play.

All the best,DJ Milan Production

Crunkatlanta said...

Happy New Year from -

Howard Seibel said...

It's a little late Jan 2nd to be exact.I just saw how to post a comment.(Don't get alot of this technical stuff)Hey that's o.k. a guy in a bass shop asked Paul McCartney "what kind of strings does he uses
" Paul replied "gold shiny ones" seriously I read it on-line.Hey Howard Seibel/Jazze here.Just writing to say thank you for all the exposure on "Color Blind" there's been like 1157 plays.We've gotten listeners from all around the world thanks to you guys.I'm trying to get my musicians friends to sign up.I can't say that I don't wish you had some kind of royalty program, especially in these hard times, but the exposure is great for the ego.Thank you again for the high PopScore, your customer service is excellent, everybody is so cool when I call.I know this year namely with my new tune "I Gotta Thank Baeball" I will make alot of money and my dreams will come true. I'm 50 but better late then never right?.I hope everyone at RadioAirplay had a wonderful holiday season.Thanks again and I look forward to a bangup year in 2013.Look for me to put up more tunes.You guys have proved yourselves over and over.Once again Happy New Year, have a great 2013.

Howard Seibel said...

Typo it's "I Gotta Thank Baseball"

Broken Chains said...

Love is a tool that has a power unknown against hate that turns the eyes of the enemy. Practice love and your enemies will run in fear. Broken Chains is a ministry that God is raising up.
I thank all who send me kind messages. I need all the suport I can get.
I am a service disabled veteran. thanks Steve G