Tuesday, August 21

The Ultimate Package To Build Your Fanbase - The Epic Deal

The Musician's Guide Epic Deal
The Musician's Guide, a music marketing website aiming to help musicians improve their marketing and music promotion, is offering artists "the ultimate package to build your fanbase" - The Epic Deal. The package, worth $1,250 in promotion tools & savings (incluing a free trial on Jango), will be released and sold for only $69 and available for 100 hours starting September 1st. You can pre-order it now to make sure you get your hands on this exclusive offer - click here to pre-order your Epic Deal now.

What's included in the package?
  • 1,961 Music Business Contacts
  • Free Distribution to iTunes & Spotify
  • A Custom Presskit
  • A FREE trial of promotion on Jango Radio with 100 plays
  • A Music Marketing Course
  • 25 Music Contracts

Plus much more - click here to read more about the package and see a full list of what's included.


Anonymous said...

what if i already have some of those services, how does that package help me, and hows the price fair

Marcus said...

If you drop me an email (marcus@themusiciansguide.co.uk) letting me know which services you already have, I can see what we can do :)

The Musician's Guide

Anonymous said...

How do I integrate "A FREE trial of promotion on Jango Radio with 100 plays" with a pre-existing Jango account? I don't need a new account, but would like to get 100 plays added to my existing account with the "epic deal."

Jango Airplay said...

George, If you purchase the package please email airplay@jango.com with a copy of your payment receipt and we'll reimburse your account with 100 free spins.