Tuesday, August 28

Final Chance To Get Your Epic Deal

The Ultimate Promotion Package
Last chance to get you Epic Deal, visit Musician's Guide's website to purchase the package and get access to exclusive promotion material.


Last week we brought you the Epic Deal - an exclusive value pack filled with promotion tools & savings that will help grow your fanbase. In three days, on September 1st, the package will be made available for 100 hours. The package, worth $1,250 in promotion tools & savings (including a free trial on Jango), will be sold for only $69 by The Musician's Guide - visit their website to read more about this exclusive offer.

Don't want to wait? Pre-order it now to make sure you get your hands on this exclusive offer - click here to pre-order your Epic Deal now.

What's included in the package?
  • 1,961 Music Business Contacts
  • Free Distribution to iTunes & Spotify
  • A Custom Presskit
  • A FREE trial of promotion on Jango Radio with 100 plays
  • A Music Marketing Course
  • 25 Music Contracts

Plus much more, full info on The Musician's Guide website.