Tuesday, July 24

Airplay Summer Music Videos - Summer Bonanza

The good summer vibes continue and we're getting lots of fresh music videos - therefore we have decided to promote, not only four, but eight awesome music videos in this lineup. Check them out below and take a look at the great talent and creativity on Jango Airplay. And for all you featured - congratulations and thanks for submitting your videos to us.

Chicks Who Love Guns "Left In The Gutter"

G/O (Gio) "Do The Dorothy"

JC Flow "Day Dreaming"

KAV "Blaggers N' Liars"

Miss Krystle "I Don't Cry"

Nemesea "Afterlife"

Paul Montgomery "This Time I Will"

Speach Impediments "Turn It Up"

Thank you all for submitting your videos and stay tuned for more fresh summer videos! 

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