Wednesday, June 6

Jango Video of The Month - Max Frost

This month's music video comes courtesy of Max Frost, an Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter whose chill hip-hop sound blends smooth vocals with rap lyrics. Following our recent summer-themed promotions, his video "Sunday Driving" captures the essence of summer in a unique way. Inspired while sitting in traffic, he came up with the idea of driving around town picking up random people, having them join him for a ride accompanied by his song and the result is a perfect blend of music & video - so sit back, relax and enjoy this awesome, spontaneous ride!

What inspired you to make this video?
The song was inspired while sitting in traffic in Austin, TX. I don't actually drive a Bentley, of course, but I'm always driving around and picking up all kinds of people. We got the opportunity to use the Bentley, jumped on it, and started getting everyone involved. Many of the people you see in the video were not friends or actors. They were just random people who we thought looked interesting and wanted to take a ride. The video kinda made itself.

Where was it shot?
Most of it in Austin. Mainly around the south & east side. We went up north to do the shots of this burger place called P. Terry's. In fact, the older gentlemen in the passenger seat during that scene is Patrick Terry, who owns the restaurant chain and was kind enough to participate. Some additional shots of roadways and pedestrians were done in LA. 

What do you like most about promoting your music on Jango Radio?
I love getting to experiment and see how people honestly respond to my work. I'm always surprised to see which songs are more popular, or which artists seem to have a correlation to my style. I couldn't think of a better way to get honest, unbiased feedback about how people react to my music. 

Are there any new projects or events coming up soon?
Yes! I will be releasing an EP here very soon! I have also released a second music video and am working on a new collaborative project with Bob Schneider that should be off the ground by this Fall!

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