Friday, February 10

Jango Airplay Top 10

Top Band on Jango This Week
Sixty Miles Down
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Less Than Nothing
Top Band on Jango This Week
Mariah Ver Hoef
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Top Band on Jango This Week
Meel Lankston
Top Band on Jango This Week
Ultimate Fate
Top Band on Jango This Week
Nathanel Barbey
Top Band on Jango This Week


Anonymous said...


This may be "off-topic" but I feel that the "Guest-Listeners" shouldn't Count as an "Official Play".


I SEE there are a lot of them ,..and this can be expensive - Also ,can it be made in the future an "alotted time" listen so that we know for certain that our songs are really being heard ? - In other words, can your system be adjusted so that a song plays for atleast 35 seconds or more before it is confirmed as a 'play' ? Because I see there is a real good chance that people may listen for one second or so and click off of your band and a 'play' is then counted ,..Please can they change this ?

Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Jango on and off for quite some time and I draw 2 conclusions. First, they are not really living up to their slogan about being for independent artist. You hear far to may signed acts from major labels and independent labels who are prioritized over the truly independent artist. As a listener I come here to listen to music I never heard before and I don't hear that often on Jango. Second, if Jango does have an obligation to signed artists that's fine. However, more people should be made to take advantage of thier freedom to form their own station and add all their favorite artist & groups and develop a following via social networking. This way Jango can put more emphasis on undiscovered talent and satisfy their obligations to record labels all at once. I do not normally comment but it appears to me that Jango can use some help with the fall off factor when it comes unsigned talent. I hope this comment helps and serves as a legitimate request to increase ORGANIC plays among unsigned artist and level the playing field. Honestly, it seems like Jango is charging money to display talent to make themselves look good and line their pockets. It's now time that money and exposure get distributed correctly.

bix1951 said...

wouldn't it be nice if you got more plays for less money
I wonder about how they determine the top ten
is it the most paid plays?
that would be silly
is it the most thumbs up?
still silly
is it the highest percentage of thumbs up per play
that might be good but might it not be manipulated?

MrGoldfanger/Youtube said...

I like jango because IM an artist on it. I do understand were the top two comments are cooking from. I just don't understand how this works yet. Ow and weres the valintine station? I wish I could add unsigned artist to my play list. If I can how do I go about doing it.