Tuesday, May 17

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's last weeks Top 10 artists on Jango Airplay. There's some great fresh faces here so take a minute to check them out and leave some positive comments below.

#1: Atlantic Aftermath
In early 2010 pop-punk/easycore band Atlantic Aftermath formed, ignoring the predictability of major key breakdowns and over-used 2-steps in favor of a fun, energetic amalgam of pop, punk and hardcore ideas.

Click to hear Atlantic Aftermath:
Expand Your Brocabulary
#2: Sad Alice Said
Urkainian septet Sad Alice Said play a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated with a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling.

Click to hear Sad Alice Said:
Open Your Eyes
#3: A New Monday
A New Monday is a modern rock band hailing from Fort McMurray, Alberta. Since their formation in the Fall of 2009, they have successfully released several self-produced songs to local radio, along with two EP's.

Click to hear A New Monday:
Love Is An Action
#4: Six Strings and a Piece of Wood Music
Radomir Vasiljevic aka Six Strings And A Piece Of Wood is an award-winning classically trained guitarist from Serbia. His award-winning play and recordings blend new age, flamenco and world music.

Click to hear Six Strings and a Piece of Wood Music:
#5: DelCity
Born Bamidele Citizen of Nigeria, Delcity's music blends the consciousness of rap, the swing of reggae and the international flair of his background into a melange of emotion.

Click to hear DelCity:
#6: The Black Sharks
England's The Black Sharks are an alternative rock band with a flair for vintage pop feel. Their first single, "Lose Control" came about after being discovered busking on a Vegas sidewalk.

Click to hear The Black Sharks:
Lose Control
#7: Anthem
Sharp and sophisticated, 25-year old emcee Anthem is a product of the aggressive, fast-paced culture of New York City. Anthem traded in a career on Wall St for one on the mic, and is now Amoeba Music Group's marquee artist.

Click to hear Anthem:
God Of Joy
#8: Summertime's End
Summertime's End is the pop moniker of Australian singer-songwriter Daniel Throssell. His music mixes acoustic and electronic elements, guided by the notion that "nobody has any more of a right than you do to make good music."

Click to hear Summertime's End:
The Art Of Succinct Compliments
#9: Salvo Randazzo
Adult contemporary singer Salvo Randazzo grew up in Palermo, Italy with a passion for music. He graduated from the prestigious Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory, and now tours internationally.

Click to hear Salvo Randazzo:
#10: Dave Ro
Dave Ro is an Illinois MC who balances smooth vocal tones with razor sharp wordplay. Perfecting his craft over two decades, he aims to define hip-hop culture with his wit, charisma and clarity.

Click to hear Dave Ro:
The Fever


Quin said...

Check out the 3rd!
wow great song by A New Monday

Daniel said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh I made the top ten! :D :D :D #8 is good enough for me :)

Shane Laing said...

Congratulations everyone! Well deserved!

BUTTAFLI" said...

checkout Monday Thru Sunday! By Buttafli"

BUTTAFLI" said...

Monday Thru Sunday! Buttafli is now sweeping the CHARTS....with her single titled Monday Thru Sunday! check her out and pass her on!

Anonymous said...

Check out I.N.G.'s new single Champagne.

chris williams said...

Im not complaining but have gotten right about 3500 fans in a year of doing this aaah maybe you can tell me how you made it on the top ten Daniel.
Just curius. Ive always wanted confirmation of what the others in the past were griping about.
anyway, congrats
chris williams


Daniel Sobrino said...


Daniel said...

Well I got a PopScore of 99 and that's all it marks on - the PopScore. So I guess it's just marketing to the right people. Good music helps but it's not all about good music, so I guess the process is inherently flawed in that it judges your selection of an appropriate target audience as much as it judges your music...

Anonymous said...

Do not kill your dreams ... let them travel around the world!
...with "Impossible love"...Tinamaria ;-)


Patroux said...

I Just became Fan of Sad Alice Said. Music and vocals are great. By the way don't hesitate to listen to my own compositions on my page (I have 191 fans for now at Jango ;o)

Anonymous said...

Dale Goodridge is excellent.