Tuesday, May 10

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the top 10 from last week with quite an international grouping with artists from the Ukraine to Switzerland and Wales to Brazil. Check 'em all out!

#1: Sad Alice Said
Urkainian septet Sad Alice Said play a distinctive blend of gothic metal with elements of doom, decorated with a symphonic wrap and multifaceted semantic filling.

Click to hear Sad Alice Said:
Open Your Eyes
#2: JC.B
Swiss electronica artist JC.B blurs pop, dance and new age into a fine, swirling mass. Sonics appear & disappear with practiced skill, neatly moving the listener forward and contributing ambience.

Click to hear JC.B:
Hey Hey
#3: Sydnee B.
From Racine to Milwaukee, WI rapper Sydnee B. has been making his presence known in the underground rap world. He recently established his own independent label - Tippy Top Entertainment.

Click to hear Sydnee B.:
Too Loud
#4: Atlantic Aftermath
In early 2010 pop-punk/easycore band Atlantic Aftermath formed, ignoring the predictability of major key breakdowns and over-used 2-steps in favor of a fun, energetic amalgam of pop, punk and hardcore ideas.

Click to hear Atlantic Aftermath:
Expand Your Brocabulary
#5: Anthem
Sharp and sophisticated, 25-year old emcee Anthem is a product of the aggressive, fast-paced culture of New York City. Anthem traded in a career on Wall St for one on the mic, and is now Amoeba Music Group?s marquee artist.

Click to hear Anthem:
God Of Joy
#6: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
#7: One Step Away
One Step Away got their start competing in battles of the bands, winning regularly with their sunny, melodic rock. A few short years later they're now in rotation on more than 125 radio stations and touring nationally.

Click to hear One Step Away:
Hook Line And Sinker
#8: Toy Horses
Toy Horses are one of Wales' brightest indie gems. After airplay in the UK their music came to the attention of KCRW starmaker Nic Harcourt who put them on radio & stages in the States. Their debut album is expected in early 2011.

Click to hear Toy Horses:
And It Was You
#9: Michael Silverman
Michael Silverman's music consists of relaxing, impressionist piano pieces and beautiful renditions of classical favorites. One of the most popular pianinsts on iTunes, he has logged 13 number one albums and more than 3 million downloads.

Click to hear Michael Silverman:
Bella's Lullaby
#10: Rosie and Me
Brazilian folk/pop five piece Rosie and Me released their debut EP, entitled "Bird and Whale" in 2010, after homemade demoes gained popularity on the web. Hailing from Brazil, the band draws on their native culture to enhance the American folk spirit.

Click to hear Rosie and Me:


Anonymous said...

Has anyone here ever gotten a royalty payment from Jango airplays????????? It has been almost a year since I started getting played on Jango and I have not received on cent?????

Anonymous said...

as far as I can tell, being in the early stages of this process as an indie musician, you should be signed up with a company like Sound Exchange, as they will see as to what you're owed

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

but it does take the performing rights organizations (BMI) a year to send you a check from regular radio airplay. I have never received any royalties from internet radio. Has anyone ever?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I posted the original post above about royalties.... I have recieved internet play royalties, BUT ONLY from internet radio that I got signed up on through CDbaby.com

SO far I have received royalties from Napster.com and Last.fm through Cdbaby.com

I have received zilch from Jango.... hey jango chime in and answer this question...

do you pay royalties and how do you do this for your "Emerging' Artists ??? thanks

Anonymous said...

I asked BMI and they said Jango does pay in and that their reporting is behind due to overload. I guess its standard and it happens. She also told me that it would come through that it takes a while. Due to new legislation, all internet radio has to.

Peter Pandora said...

great guy's beautiful job !!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to pay for plays and want royalties you need to visit Streamify.me, but you need to have your music on Spotify to ensure Royalty Payments. Yes, I tried it one time and it really works. All plays are reported. You are paid royalties. I get .0137 a stream from Spotify..... 10,000 streams for 40 bucks, 1000 streams free to try the service. So 11,591 streams = about $160.00 and exposure for 40 big ones. WIN WIN!