Monday, January 31

The Top 100 Winners of The Valentines' Day Contest

Here is a list of the 100 winners in alphabetical order, if you're on the list you're also featured in our Independent Valentine Station.

Abrasive B J.O.Y (Got me feeling)
Amanda Duncan Love I Have For You
Amanda Wilson For You
American Gun Love Song
Amy Kuney Hope a Little Harder
Anderson Hall Nothing LIke you
Angie Stoddard Legends
B.A.S.K.O. So Beautiful
Becker Her Other Name
Benjamin Myers Colors in my Head
Brandon Scott Smith Do Divine
Brooke Annibale Yours & Mine
Caesar Bach Never Ever
Carlie Fairburn So Long Song
CenterPiece There Goes My Heart
Charmher Someones Else
Chasing Friday Here with you
Chris Peters 45 Degrees
City Faire Promise The Day
Coby C I Woke Up Kissing You
Cole Grifter Saturday Nights
Color Theory A Safe Distance
Copperfox We Know
Damon Dae Let me be the one
David Lehr Everything to me
David Shanhun Like An Angel
Delano DayDreaming
Dele One Knee
Dele One Knee
Diggs Duke Gravity
Eddie and Frank Thomas Your Hand, My Hand
Elise Lieberth I'm Yours tonight
Erland My Love
Eternity Focus Hold On
Fancy Kiss on the mirror
Farah-Lissa Infinity
Folk Thief Song Brand New Love
George Ides I Have Dreamed
Georgia Germein Reason
Happenstance Carry You
Happy Cricket You're My Soulmate
Henry + The Invisibles My Love is 4 u
Holden Don't Mess with love
HWY-99 Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye
Isaac Thompson A THousand Miles
Israel Gonzales Tonguetied
James Hampton Wings of love
Jamey Levek If I Have To Wait
Jamie Lynn Noon Second of a Spark
Janis Blackburn Thinkin' Bout my love
Jay Loftus Velvet Arms
Jesse Young If You Go
JimmyJohn McCabe Sweet on you
Jonny Blu Be My Valentine
Kajmir Royale Valentine
Kate McRae Promising Forever
Katey Laurel Everything I love
Klep Best with you
Konflikt If I
Larissa Ness Clarity
Laura Meyer U
Licker This Girl
Lila Cervantes I'll Love you every day
Liza Camargo Tal Para Cual
Magdalene If you want me to
Markeisha Ensley Spend my life
Melissa Cunnington Funny Valentine
Merena Barlow La Vie En Rose
Michael Strollo Blown Away
Michele Blood/MusiVation We've Found Love
Mike Stocksdale Love Song
Mission Vertigo Where we belong
MiZ Wink
Mr. Plow (Folk Comedy) Let's Get Fat Together
Nightlight Invincible
Nikki Kelly I LIKE YOU
Palorus Jack Oh Girl
Pasquale Esposito BANANE E LAMPONE
PJ Smith Closer to you
RED9 All They Reign
Rosie & Me Where the Heart is
S. Madison Fall
Select Start Only You
SJ I Like you
Steve Percival Come on Home
Street Savvy It's You I Miss
Taylor Begert I'm Not going anywhere
Technicoloar In Other Words
The Groove Heroes Valentine
The Infinium Project Humorous Love Song
The Jaedes Teach me a lesson in love
The Jellybeans Say You Like Me
The Queue Heart On Fire
The Sabres Last thing on my mind
Three Legged Fox Higher Love
Tony Love Unconditional Love
Tyler Barham It's All because of you
Whisky Row She's Amazing
Winston Warrior Tuck You In
Yolanda R. Why


stevejones said...

I had a feeling this would not be a fair shake... lol how is this not v-day play worthy?

TravisEverything said...

OH!! I got snubbed.. not top 10.. and then not even top 100!!
Love only long
Valentines Love affair
Look me up... u cheatin sons of cheaters.
ttyl :)

Isaac Thompson said...

Thanks for doing this, found some new music :)

Anonymous said...

I had a great song : "For You" clips up on Youtube and being used for weddings and all but Im not sure it even made it through for them to listen too.Evan Silva NZ