Tuesday, March 30

Want To Play The Wakarusa Festival ???

Update: Submissions Are Now Closed

Jango is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the Wakarusa Music Festival, taking place at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkasas on June 3-6, 2010.

This year Wakarusa will be booking two bands from Jango Airplay to play alongside festival headliners Widespread Panic, The Black Keys, STS9, Umphrey's McGee, Blues Traveller & more.

If you would like to be eligible for selection you only need to follow a few simple steps...

1. Target 5 or more of the artists playing at Wakarusa
2. Get a Pop Score for the week of March 29 - April 4
3. Leave a comment on this blog post with your Band Name, a link to your Jango page, and a list of the artists you've targeted.

The 20 bands with the best PopScore for this week week will be submitted to Wakarusa for them to choose from. Wakarusa will pay each band that is booked an all-in booking fee between $500-$1000.

So get targeting and show us that the crowd at Wakarusa is going to love your music.

For more on Wakarusa: www.wakarusa.com

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Check it out, once again here's this weeks artists that had the top Jango PopScore for the previous week. Great stuff here so check it out !!!

Artist: The Sharktopus
Originally started as a joke, Missoula Montana's The Sharktopus delivers an energetic take on hardcore and alternative rock. The band has released two albums and played on the Vans Warped Tour.

Click to hear The Sharktopus:
La Belle Aurore
Artist: Timyra-Joi
Eleven year old Timyra-Joi delivers self-penned songs with soul and maturity beyond her years. Her lyrics evidence a keen awareness of the world, and embody her hope to make a difference in it.

Click to hear Timyra-Joi:
Move It Or Lose It
Artist: Bluegrass Lullabies
After the birth of his daughter, Nashville producer Wendell Tilley decided to make instrumental bluegrass interpretations of children's lullabies. He enlisted a trio of session aces, and together they produce lively recreations of timeless classics.

Click to hear Bluegrass Lullabies:
Scarboro Fair
Artist: Spiker
Spiker is Ludek Stoklasa, a young Czech artist who began composing at the age of just six years old. He now makes melodic, engaging chill-out music, and recently released his second full-length album.

Click to hear Spiker
Artist: Steve Azar
During the past few years, country singer-songwriter Steve Azar has been on a creative rampage. But, he says "I love playing now as much as I did the first time I ever performed."

Click to hear Steve Azar:
I'll Find Me

Friday, March 26

3 Timesless Steps To Music Biz Success

There is a great article this week on Music Think Tank called 'Three Timeless Steps To Music Business Success' which you should definitely check out. It almost exactly mirrors a recent post we did here on the Airplay Blog called 'The Threefold Path To A Longterm Musical Relationship.'

Here's a quick excerpt...

'...we might forget to reflect upon the simple truth that is the heart of music business. It is the key to success in music marketing and retail as well as to gig promotion, media coverage, buzz and, most importantly, the sale of music online and off. It has been true since the beginning of the music business and it is still true today. It stands, unscathed by the world wide web, impervious to the sands of time.

Tuesday, March 23

How Was Your SXSW ???

Now that SXSW has wrapped up, and you've recovered from the beer, BBQ and sleep deprivation, we want to hear from those who went. Did you play a showcase, see any of your favorite bands ? Tell us all about it in the comments below and if you did play a showcase send some photos to blog@jango.com so we can see how it went.

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Hey Airplayers, here's the bands with the Top 5 PopScores from last week. And remember, this is based on a score for one week of plays and all you have to do to get a PopScore for a week is have 50 plays on one song. Check 'em out !!!

Artist: Tim Foust
Singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, touring musician, and a myriad of others describe Tim Foust, but at his core he remains a committed country/pop artist.

Click to hear Tim Foust:
The Way The Story Goes
Artist: Prom Night In Black And White
This pop-punk powerhouse from small town Canada may average 18 years old, but Prom Night In Black And White has already toured nationally, and played the Van's Warped Tour.

Click to hear Prom Night In Black And White:
Flaws In Her Words
Artist: Justin James
After an encounter with a tiger shark left him with hundreds of stitches and bedridden for a year, Justin's lust for life was rekindled by the gift of an acoustic guitar and the songs it inspired.

Click to hear Justin James:
Perfect Sometimes
Artist: [Sub]
Synthesizing ambient, drum & bass, and drumfunk, Skadi's music has an icey quality that could only come from living amongst the snow-covered peaks of Austria.

Click to hear [Sub]
Artist: Dubby
Eric Thomas, a.k.a. Dubby, started making music at 16 with a mic and a laptop. With his fun, catchy tunes, he's now moving at full speed, having recently released his first mixtape entitled "Hi Im Dubby".

Click to hear Dubby:
Super Duper (Ft. D Money & Bam Bam)

Tuesday, March 16

Two Lines To Impress

Today at Jango HQ we were discussing how songwriting has changed of late due to the digital music revolution - nowadays you need to grab the audience's attention almost immediately. So on that note, we want to hear what your best two-lines of lyrics are, be it poignant, romantic, aggressive, introspective, universal and so on. Add them to the comment section of this blog post along with your artist name and a link to your Jango page...let's see what you've got !

Monday, March 15

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

It's Monday again and you know what that means, time to bring you the top 5 artists for last week. The combination of solid songs, great targeting and knowing your audience landed them the top PopScores for the week. For more on Jango PopScore read HERE

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Nephewblaq offers a crafty blend of the southern hip-hop flavor. He encapsulates his style saying "When I'm on the mic, I'm just giving the listener a part of me."

Click to hear Nephewblaq:
Me & My Boo (Feat. M.E.W.)
Artist: Daniella Alcarpe
Daniella Alcarpe is a Brazilian singer offering true Brazilian music, mixing traditional instruments like bandolim, cavaquinho e cuĂ­ca with guitars, sax, flute and keyboard.

Click to hear Daniella Alcarpe:
Caradum Cara do Outro
Artist: The Ropes
It takes a certain mindset to provide just two lines of biography. Case in point: "We are The Ropes. We want to fight you."

Click to hear The Ropes:
Clubs In Europe Forever
Artist: The Secret Whistle
The Secret Whistle creates instrumental beats by combining vinyl samples and live bass lines to conjure a sonic soundscape encompassing elements of hip-hop, dub, ambient, and funk.

Click to hear The Secret Whistle
And The Stars Don't Blink An Eye
Artist: Rebecca Closure
Rebecca Closure's music offers its own mix of everything from Tina Turner to drum & bass, with the inimitable front woman shaking stages in London, Miami, Mumbai, and beyond.

Click to hear Rebecca Closure:
Captain Bailey

Thursday, March 11

From DIY to Professional

We're always on the lookout for interesting articles that relate to any up and coming band trying to break. So on that note here's a great interview from Drowned In Sound dot com with the UK's Blood Red Shoes and their, at times humorous, take on the ups and downs associated with going from DIY to pro.

TEN THINGS I HAVE LEARNED: From a DIY band to a "professional musician"

Read Full Article HERE

Tuesday, March 9

Where is Your Band From ? Tell Us About Your Scene

Airplay has been going strong for over a year now, and we're always curious to know who's using the service and how.This week, we'd like to take a look at the geography of our artist community.

As you may have guessed, most users are from the United States - 70% to be exact. However, there are also 173 other countries currently represented.

The 10 most involved after the U.S. are: Canada, the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, Italy, Germany, France, South Africa, Indonesia, and Sweden. Even Ghana, Luxembourg and Iran are getting in on the action.

Wherever you call home, now it's your turn. Tell us where you're from in the comments section below, and let us know how the music scene is there (and don't forget a link to your profile on Jango). We can't wait to hear.

The Jango Juggler

Artist Interview - Senica Da Misfit

And here's one more artist interview, this week from Senica Da Misfit. Here at Jango we were more than pleased that he topped the list with one of the best 5 PopScores this week as we've been bumpin' his classic hip hop sounds around the office for a while now. Check out what he has to say.

When did you start to make music ?

Senica Da Misfit: I started playing music in the early 90's entering talent shows throughout Maryland mainly in Baltimore.

J: Where do you call home ?

SDM: I am based out of Glen Burnie Maryland but commute to North Carolina to work with a plethora of producers on the regular.

J: What are your main influences ?

SDM: The 3 major influences on my music is God first and foremost its where I get my inspiration to talk about life, secondly is my love for music of all facades and genres in creating different styles. My 3rd influence is from poetry and expressing myself lyrically and poetically.

J: How would you best describe your sound ?

SDM: You can describe my sound as Classic Hip Hop at its best. Pure rawness and poetical for intellectual listeners. Deep and spiritual with a conscious vibe uplifting those who appreciate the real art form!

J: Do you have any new releases coming up ?

SDM: This year I will be releasing 2 major projects online and for "FREE" to download, the 1st is entitled "Thornz" with a producer from Detroit named Jimmy Flight will be available late spring. The track "Im Old School" currently on Jango is on that album. The next project released will be with DJ Flash who is Little Brothers DJ. I along with producer V-12 who is with 9TH Wonders Trueschool coorporation will be producing the entire album while DJ Flash hosts it. We currently have over 30 tracks recorded and will be releasing a part 1 and 2 to that project due out early summer.

J: Do you do shows ?

SDM: I do perform live and will be gearing up for some shows, if you are in the Raleigh North Carolina area this summer be sure to follow 9th Wonder and Jamla records I will be most likely opening up for the Jamla artist on their summer tour.

J: And lastly, what's your best tip for other Jango Airplay artists ?

SDM: My best tip for other airplay bands using Jango would be to just be yourself and create good music. Do not try to make music based off of what is on mainstream radio just because you think that is what people want to hear. Look for your own sound and master it that way the fans will appreciate and remain loyal to your style.

Thanks Senica, we like your 'State Of Mind'

Artist Interview - Dave Tutin

Dave Tutin, one of this weeks artists with the top 5 PopScores took some time out for a quick Q&A. Check out what he has to say. We also did another feature on Dave back in October when we started the blog. Check that out HERE

Jango: When did you start playing ?

Dave Tutin: I actually started by writing lyrics. I was calling it poetry, but a teacher of mine said "These read more like song lyrics" and that set me off. I hounded my parents to buy me a guitar, which they did when I was 12.

J: And where are you based ?

DT: In Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was born in England and have lived in a bunch of places - London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and seventeen years in New York City. I've been here in the inspiring Southwest for one year.

J: Who are your main influences ?

DT: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Mark Knopfler. I don't claim to come close to any of them but I love Dylan's imagery, Cohen's attention to craft and Knopfler's musicality. I was deeply flattered when someone reviewing my album said that these people were "influences, not sources" - that made me hopeful that I had finally found a voice that is purely mine.

J: How would you best describe your sound ?

DT: Evolving. I gave up on music for over twenty years after some idiot in London told me I was too old at 29! I didn't come back to my first love until I was over 50. But those years of living have shaped both my lyrics and my music. I hope I have something to say beyond the usual boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl stuff. I'm sure my next album will sound different to my last, Raised In Vain.

J: Any new releases ?

DT: I am building a recording studio out back of my house right now. When that's finished I'll be able to put out songs much more frequently. Raised In Vain was released in 2006 but is still selling nicely. And I've been amazed at how many fans and really positive comments the songs have received on Jango! My next album, unless I change my mind, will be called Ceremonies In Thin Air. I have way too many songs, so the hardest part will be deciding what to leave off.

J: Do you perform ?

DT: I love performing live. I usually play solo. I actually get a kick out of tweaking my own songs to get them to work in the solo format without the talents of guys like Larry Campbell, Shawn Pelton and Craig Snyder backing me up as they did on the album. I plan to perform in Santa Fe very soon - to test out the new material before I record it. But no dates are set.

J: And lastly, what's your best tip for other Jango Airplay artists ?

DT: Don't target too much. It's very tempting to say you want only people in California or New York to hear your music but, believe me, some of the most inspiring, heart-felt comments come from the most unexpected places around the world. Yes, we all want to make money from our efforts but seeing your music travel the globe and make these kinds of connections is a remarkable thing. I believe that if I can touch people emotionally, the money will take care of itself.

Thanks Dave, 29's definitely not too old...

Monday, March 8

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Happy Monday everyone. Here we are again with the 5 artists who received the best PopScore last week on Jango Airplay. Definitely take a minute to check them our and drop a comment below if you like what you here. There's some great stuff here !!! And if you're new to Jango Airplay and want to know more on how the Jango PopScore works check out this previous blogpost from December HERE

Artist: Anek
Italy-based band Anek was started in 2000 by a group of brothers and friends. Their sound draws from several pools of rock, including emo, classic, and grunge. 2010 will see the release of their first full-length album.

Click to hear Anek:
Artist: Christine Marie
Christine Marie may hail Southern California, but she's a country-artist at heart. The singer-songwriter plans on moving to Nashville to study music business and further her career.

Click to hear Christine Marie:
Boy Behind The Radio
Artist: Senica Da Misfit
A "One Mic" freestyle winner from Baltimore, Senica Da Misfit recently released a 32 track mixtape he describes as "one of the most exciting, yet personal works I've put together to date."

Click to hear Senica Da Misfit:
Waaaake Up!!
Artist: Low-Key
Angelo Ray - known to the world as Low-Key, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and got started singing in his church choir. He is currently in Atlanta, crafting his next release.

Click to hear Low-Key
Tip Her (Radio Version)
Artist: Dave Tutin
Dave Tutin is an award-wining poet, singer and songwriter born in England but shaped by many years living in New York City. He now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is working on his next album, a novel and a movie script.

Click to hear Dave Tutin:
More By Luck Than Judgment

Monday, March 1

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Check it out, here they are, Top 5 from the week past...let's show them some support.

Artist: Surel
Surel Williams (born Sureldie Rycha Davis in Desoto, Texas) is an American singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Her musical style combines elements of R&B, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and gospel music.

Click to hear Surel:
My Vow To You
Artist: Makyo Star
A pop-rock band from Rochester, NY, Makyo Star is quickly becoming known for their high energy live shows. Their songs spark an emotional connection with the audience through soaring vocals riding waves of chunky guitars.

Click to hear Makyo Star:
...to love a liar...
Artist: This Is Our Fight
A 5-piece pop-punk band from Gaithersburg, MD, the members of This Is Our Fight have been in and out of bands, some together, some apart, but believe this is the combination they've been looking for. "We wake up everyday more excited about this band. It's Go Big or Go Home."

Click to hear This Is Our Fight:
Artist: Big Scoob Nasty
10 time felon Big Scoob Nasty has been rappin on the streets and from behind bars for 15 years. His last term in prison inspired him to make a career of his talent. Describing his appeal, "It doesn't hurt that I'm a real homie not an actor portraying a life I only seen on T.V."

Click to hear Big Scoob Nasty:
South Sida Rida Music
Artist: Dub Skin
Dubskin is a 5 piece Roots/Dub Reggae band from Ft. Collins, CO. They recently released their second album "No End In Time", and have been touring relentlessly with legends like Burning Spear, Israel Vibrations, and Barington Levy.

Click to hear Dub Skin:
Ever Present