Tuesday, December 29

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Here we are again with this weeks featured artists.

The featured artists are chosen by top PopScore each week so check them out here and see who's resonating the most with Jango's listeners. Each of these artists also receives 5000 Play Credits to continue to promote their music on Jango.com

Artist: Nina Yasmineh
Nina Yasmineh is an emerging artist with
a background in classical voice, piano and
guitar.This six song EP, her first release,
is now available on iTunes.

Click to hear Nina Yasmineh:
Peace Of Mind
Artist: Lune Jay vs Codespo
Lune Jay vs Codespo are a dance duo
hailing from Italy and Australia. Sergio
Lunedei aka Lune Jay started his career
as a DJ at the age of 15 in Rome, while
vocalist Joe Codespoti aka Codespo, has
been a musician since the age of 5.

Click to hear Lune Jay vs. Codespo:
On My Mind
Artist: Natural Habitz
Hailing from the backwoods of
Chattanooga Tennessee is Natural
Habitz, a group that embodies the
feeling of classic hip hop, with an
exciting stage presence and explosive

Click to hear Natural Habitz:
Reason To Smile F. Rebekka
Artist: Revolutionary Lion
Revolutionary Lion is the moniker of
Chicago guitarist and songwriter Ted
Schuster. Making music since he was
fourteen, Long After The Dark is this
project's first album.

Click to hear Revolutionary Lion:
Gold Coast
Artist: Abraxas
ABRAXAS was formed in May 2009
with the intent to play old school Death
Metal. In June/July 2009 a 4 song promo
CD was recorded, and a full length album
is currently in the works which promises
to be even more

Click to hear Abraxas:
Eternally Erased