Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanks Giving !!!

This is a quick note from all of us here at Jango Airplay to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. It's been a great year for us and we hope it has been the same for you, so we want to say Thank You.

May you spend the holiday with family, friends, great food and even better wine! And if you're on the road touring, make sure the promoter gives you a little extra cash in your meal buyout!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Jango Team

Friday, November 20

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we highlight a young country singer from China Spring, Texas who is really resonating with our listeners on

Check her Jango profile HERE

Her boots have spurs, her accent is real and her belt buckles are not purchases - they are prizes. Sixteen year old Kaley Caperton is a true Country artist singing about everything she grew up with on a ranch in China Spring, TX. Her latest album, Bittersweet, is pure Kaley - pure Country with songs ranging from love, heartbreak and staying true to her Texas roots. Kaley wrote three songs on this album (You Loved it Away, Where There's a Wall, and Fly) and hasn't stopped writing since.

Wednesday, November 18

Email Your Fans

We know you love the messaging feature. What better way to spread the word about releases, shows, tour bus breakdowns, and so on? But we've recently added even more to love...

Messages to your fans are now forwarded via regular email. While previous communication was sent through the Jango mail feature, messaging listeners under the 'Fans' tab on your Airplay Home now sends copies to their personal email account as well.

The potential of something like this is limited only by your imagination: promote album and ticket sales, drive fans to your social networking destinations, or start a dialogue about anything at all. So click your way to , and reach out to your fanbase.

And The Winner Is...

The comments are in, the votes have been tallied, and we have a winner! Congratulations to Glyn MacLean of Alms Electronica on his winning submission and 1,000 free spins!

Glyn commented that...

"My experience has been that success with integrating media content in social networks for a commercial outcome occurs when we deliver ‘content into context’. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a square hole. We need to be focus our music (product) and brand towards a specific target audience.

Quality not Quantity.
Put your best work forward and not your doodles!

Make sure that all your sites are inter-connected!

Simple not Complex.
Principles such as AIDA (attention interest desire action) apply to marketing music. Audiences need a simple, relatable attention grabbing proposition that attracts them.

Devotion to Emotion.
Consumers buy on 80% emotion. Make the messages you’re putting out appeal to emotion.

Rush into Relationship.
The most valuable commodity we can have is an audience. Social network and online marketing sites are fabulous for finding, keeping and growing an audience.We can create an instant relationship with an audience by being relatable to current affairs and having a situational awareness. IE: a twitter about worldwide news will be relatable. Funny things also work like “OMG I’m at the music awards and Usher just farted!” You’d be surprised what works! Experiment!

Make it all about ‘now is the moment’ and ‘we’re in this together’. Take your audience on a journey with you. Give them a positive experience. Reward them for being on Twitter with fan only downloads and live event offers. Let them be part of your album focus group giving you feedback on new songs."

...stay tuned for Glyn's upcoming guest post...

Friday, November 13

And Now...The News

Google Music Search - 3 Major Implications - Mashable

Google music search has broad implications for the music space, and in this post we’ll explore three of the most significant implications around a music search service powered by Google, and dissect how some of the industry’s current heavy hitters could be in for a wake up call...Read More

Labels May Be Losing Money But Artists Are Making More Than Ever - Boing Boing

The Times Labs blog takes a hard look at the data on music sales and live performances and concludes that while the labels' profits might be falling, artists are taking in more money, thanks to the booming growth of live shows...Read More

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week for the FAC we thought we'd bring you a video instead. This great clip comes from NYC's BoomBoxRepairKit who left a comment in a recent blog post. 'I Rather Dance With A Stanger' is just FUN. This seems like the band you need to come and have rock your next party, that simple.

Check it out.

Tuesday, November 10

Free Stuff !!! - Tell Us How You Engage Social Media & Online Services?

FREE stuff!
Have I got your attention? Great, because this week, we're offering you a chance to win 1000 free spins on Jango Airplay. Here's the skinny -

We want to hear how you engage social media to develop your career, and we want your Airplay contemporaries to benefit from that knowledge. So this week we're sponsoring a contest on the Airplay Blog. The user with the best answer to the following question wins 1000 free plays and the opportunity to expand their thoughts as a guest blogger...

What we want to know is...What's the best piece of advice you can give emerging bands such as yourself when it comes to using online services (Jango to Facebook, Tunecore to Twitter) in the digital age?

Responses should be 250 words or less, and shared in the comment section of this post. The winner will be announced in next week's newsletter and right here.

Friday, November 6

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we highlight a group brought to our attention by Carina in Marketing.

Carina says - "Anybody Out There" really caught my attention when it first came on! As a huge fan of Maroon 5, "Nothing But Static" is also on my lists of favorites -- fresh, dynamic songs that make a nice addition to my day here at Jango.

Check their Jango profile HERE

And Now...The News

There seem to be many differing opinions about the new Google One Box music search powered by LaLa, iLike and MySpace. It's probably too early to tell what positive results come of it, at least until you get your next quarterly statement from your digital distributor, but we'd love to hear what the Jango Airplay massive is thinking about now.

So here's a couple articles to chew on as well for some points of view.

So What's The Deal With Google One Box? - Future of Music
If you’ve been paying any attention to music biz news this week, you’ve no doubt stumbled across an item (or ten) about Google OneBox — the web search company’s bold foray into the world of on-demand music. While many of the reports focus on what this new service means for fans hungry to hear tunes with one-click, they don’t often drill down into what this might mean for artists and songwriters...Read More

Google Music and the New Payola - Some Things Never Change - Music Power Network

I don't know, I could be wrong about this, but something is not right. Google has finally entered the music space with it's One Box music search feature in brilliant fashion, well position to become the new radio - complete with behind the scenes deals and major label cronyism...Read More

Comment Moderation

The internet is a great place for lots of things: promoting your band, sharing pictures of cats, etc. However it's also a great place for people to anonymously slander each other...

So to combat the haters, we've added a "delete comment" feature to your Airplay account.

Under the 'Fans' tab in the 'Comments' section of Airplay Home, each comment in the list now comes with an option to delete it if you so choose. We're not saying you should wipe every post without proper capitalization, but there is a time & place for certain language and it's called cable television.

So head on over to, and make sure the comments on your page are fit for audience consumption.