Friday, October 30

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we have a hot hot pick staight from the west coast


This is just some straight bangin' electro with street hip hop vocals overflowing with punk attitune. Totally infectious !!!

Check their Jango profile HERE

Wednesday, October 28

And Now...The News

Internet Radio Stations Play More Artists Than Broadcast Stations - Audio4Cast

The number of unique artists played on Internet radio stations is more than 32 times the number of unique artists played on broadcast/terrestrial radio...Read More

Clear Channel President, CFO Steps Down - Digital Music News

The financially-shaky Clear Channel Communications is now bidding adieu to president and chief financial officer Randall Mays. The development was announced internally on Tuesday, and is now being widely reported across a number of major outlets...Read More

Tuesday, October 27

Updated Fan Overlay

If you've looked at your play statistics lately, you may have noticed some different trends in there (hopefully more fans!)

That has a lot to do with our new Fan Overlay.

In an effort to encourage listener participation in the ratings process, we simplified the popup that shows when your music is playing. Funny enough, now that it's so easy to respond, listeners are more willing to tell us how much they like your music!

So visit to see how your statistics have been impacted, update your targeting, and refill your play credits to take advantage of this new overlay and the attention it's generating.

Friday, October 23

Jango Airplay CMJ Happy Hour - Party Pics

A big thanks goes out to all the artists, managers and label people that came through last night to the Jango Airplay CMJ Happy Hour. We'll definitely be doing this again next year. Here's some pics below.

 Lisa Bianco and Josh
Lisa Bianco (Artist) & Josh 2.0 (Jango)

Dan (Jango), Benny Williams (Artist) & Mary-I-Am (PR)

Joseph Jeffries-EL (CEO) and Lawanda Michelle
Joseph Jeffries (TSOB Records), Lawanda Michelle (Artist) & Mattias (Jango)

Josh and Bob Lugowe (left)
Bob Lugowe (Relapse Records) & Josh 2.0

Daniel A Freedman (right) and Daniel
Daniel (Jango) & Daniel A Freedman (Artist)

Elias (Artist, middle) and Kinley-Angela (Manager)
Kinley-Angela (Manager), Elias (Artist), & Sean (Jango)

Mattias and Bobby from The Teemates-Bobby (left)
Bobby (The Teemates) & Mattias

Photos By Carina

Tuesday, October 20

Making It All Worthwhile - Obama, Iran & Dave

So this morning after we all got settled in here at Jango our regular 'Google Alert' came in for all things 'Airplay' and there was a curious post on a blog that involved President Obama, Iran and Airplay artist Dave Tutin. It was titled 'Obama may be willing to talk to Tehran - I already Am'. - Read Full Post HERE

In Dave's post he mentions getting an e.mail about his music from a resident of Tehran, the capital of Iran. His post reads...

"You know, that country that is supposed to be full of evil-doers according to our former president. I send a thank-you email to every person who signs up as a fan. I got this one back from Hamid...'You're Really Wellcome. Your music was excellent that gave me a nice mood. I will be wait for your new musics. You are in the right way. Thank You.'...Now call me an old sentimental child of the 60s but that kin of makes it all wothwhile. I am deeply and sincerely happy to be 'in the right way.'"

Nice one Dave, a big round of applause from the gang here at Jango.

Friday, October 16

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we have picks from Josh our Music Supervisor & Sean who does Artist & Label Relations...check 'em out !

Josh says - 'I checked out Fans of Jimmy Century this week; they're an alt-dance group who've been catching heat since a release in August. It's West Coasty and fun, and they really seem to know what they're doing on a professional level, which I appreciate. Bonus points: one the members is a direct descendant of Jesse James.'

Check their Jango profile HERE


Sean says - 'Krakatoa remind me a bit of The Cure, pre 1980, when they were more punk than brooding. Toss in a bit reggae skank, not of the cod variety mind you, and you've got a fresh combo ready make the club erupt.'

Check their Jango profile HERE

And Now...The News

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Performance Royalty Act - Digital Music News

Labels are still fighting for recording royalties from traditional radio stations, and on Thursday, the ball inched forward a bit...Read More

The Music Industry Outlook: Still Grim - LA Times

How low can the music industry go? Analysts speaking at Digital Music Forum West in Hollywood suggested that there's more pain ahead for the industry -- much more. On the other hand, they said it's not necessarily a bad time for artists, and things couldn't be better for fans...Read More

The Death of A&R - The Guardian

Once they would drink champagne all night and hobnob with the stars. Now it's the Travelodge and no profit, no job. Whatever happened to the A&R men?...Read More

A Word From Our Sponsors - A&R Select

"A&R Select is an essential for any independent artist giving them the tools and resources to succeed.The A&R Team focuses on Career development and publishing."

Submit your music HERE for a free consultation with an A&R Rep.

Thursday, October 15

Jango Airplay CMJ Happy Hour

Join us during this year's CMJ for an evening of fun and networking!

We would love to have the chance to meet you all in person, so to that end Jango will be hosting a small meet & greet on October 22nd at 6pm at Lolita Bar.

For those who aren't familiar, CMJ is an annual music festival in our hometown of New York City. Designed to showcase the best independent talent from around the world, and boasting over 120,000 attendees, CMJ is an ideal place to generate some buzz, or at least meet the people who can make that happen.

So if you're going to be in the neighborhood, come join us for drinks! All the relevant information is available here (please RSVP so we know what to anticipate). The Jango Airplayers can't wait to meet you!

Friday, October 9

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we have picks from Erin & Carina who do our artist relations and marketing respectively...check 'em out !

Erin says - 'Hotel of the Laughing Tree is the rock/punk band of the future. Their diversity and ability to rock out one second then throw down a mellow harmony, all while keeping that punk edge is incredible. It’s a taste that all can enjoy. Hotel of the Laughing Tree brings something new and exciting to the table with every live show, their unique instrumentation and their high level of energy!'

Check their Jango profile HERE


Carina says - 'Brett Perkins is fresh, energetic and witty with his use of rhymes and language. He also wrote me a personalized message on Jango after I became a fan which I think is a great way to engage listeners. My favorite song is 'When You Gonna Figure It Out' '

Check his Jango profile HERE

And Now...The News

How Can A New Act Stand Out From The Crowd - The Guardian

With so many bands battling for online exposure, it's difficult to be heard above all the white noise. Which is why filtering from trusted sources is more important than ever...Read More

Pitchfork Lists The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s - Pitchfork

A few things happened at the beginning of the decade that made people wonder if albums would still matter in 2009. There was Napster, which, as New Year's Day 2000 hit, was already a few months old and only getting bigger. And then, a little over a year and a half later, the iPod emerged, vastly improving the experience of listening to mp3s. For some, these new technologies signaled the end of the long-playing record as we knew it. The single was back! People-- especially kids-- wanted to shuffle and experience one track at a time. The only question for the album, then, was when it would finally breathe its last breath...Read More

Monday, October 5

CMJ Music Marathon 2009

Hey Airplayers, is anyone coming to NYC this month for CMJ ? We would love to know if anyone is playing or just coming up for the festivities. Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know.

And Now...The News

Australian Indies Rally Against MySpace Music - Hypebot

MySpace Music launched in Australia last week with all four major label groups plus indie labels from IODA and The Orchard. But left off the new service were some of the bigger names in down under indie music like The Temper Trap, Midnight Juggernauts, Nick Cave, Sia and significant local labels like Shock, Inertia, MGM, Liberation/Mushroom, as well as other global independents...Read More

Friday, October 2

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

Welcome to the 'Friday Afternoon Club' where we share with you which Airplay artists are rockin' Jango HQ as we get ready for the weekend. This week we have picks from two of our founders, Mattias and Chris.

Mattias says - 'It swings! Easy as that. Magnolius stuff is inspired, fast and really original.'

Check their Jango profile HERE


The Garlics

Chris says - 'A group of 16-year old musicians from Canada surprised me the other day. The Garlics deliver on the energy level you might expect from a band this young but what I didn't expect was the level of talent, and a tight sound that you would think only comes after playing together for years. There are four tracks available on Jango that have a consistent sound so I think they know what they're good at. I like them all but I think my favorite is 'Blame It All On You' . Very catchy melody and I love the vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from them!'

Check their Jango profile HERE

And Now...The News

Hello again Airplay readers. Because we want our bands to be informed and on top of all the mile a minute changes going on out there in this business of music we will bring you interesting, pertinent news items from around the internet. Hopefully this can help filter valuable information your way and make you even more prepared in your non stop pursuit of a career in music. So here goes.

How Much Is A Fan Worth? - Music Think Tank
Most aspiring artists intuitively understand that there’s value in building an audience for the long-term rather that focusing solely on short-term revenue. Bands offer free downloads, play free shows, and spend countless hours on- and offline interacting with listeners in hopes of developing a fan base that will support them over their careers. But how much is a fan actually worth?...Read More

Would This Advert Stop You From Filesharing? - The Guardian
The decision by UK Music to reprint a blogpost from an indie band on the adverse effects of leaking albums to the internet marks an interesting turn in the filesharing debate...Read More

The Orchard Downsizes - The Daily Swarm
The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) announced that President & Chief Executive Greg Scholl has resigned from the company. Scholl’s resignation comes as the company announced a restructuring resulting in the reduction of 20% of its global headcount...Read More

Record Stores: Out of Sight, Not Obsolete - NY Times
It was Wednesday at Downtown 161, and that meant it was Vinylmania day...Read More