Thursday, September 24

Jango Airplay - Broadcasting to the Blogosphere

Jango, New York City
Hello Jango Airplayers and welcome to the inaugural post of the new Jango Airplay blog.

Since we want to turn this blog into a place for real conversation about everything 'Airplay' we figured it would be best to put some faces to the names. So here goes, your Jango team, clockwise: Sean (The Red Head) - Artist & Label Relations, Erin - Artist Relations, George - Programmer, Daniel - Programmer, Mattias - Founder, Chris - Founder, Dan - Founder, Josh 2.0 - Creative, Kevin - Programmer & Tucker - Programmer. Team members not pictured: Johan - Founder, Eric - Programmer, Carina - Marketing, Gideon - Ad Sales. Photo by Carina

So feel free to drop us a line in the comments and say hello.

Jango Airplay
We'll use this platform to bring you updates on everything from new Airplay features, success stories from our bands & news items about the increasingly dynamic new music business model.

Also we'll post features about our Airplay staff's favorite Airplay bands including photos, videos and mp3s. We want this to be the place where we can all have a casual conversation with one another, share ideas and most importantly music. There will be room for comments and we hope to hear from everyone. In a way it will be like an online version of talk radio.

So stay tuned & don't change that dial, we'll be right back with some more Airplay.

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