Friday, June 22

2018 Summer Song Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to's 2018 Summer Song Contest. We received 3000+ awesome submissions this year and we had such a blast listening to every single song! 

After consideration from our staff, we have chosen a total of 210 winners to this year’s Independent Summer 2018 station on Jango. 200 Overall winners also received 100 play credits added to their Radio Airplay account!

You can tune in to listen to RadioAirplay's 2018 Summer Song Contest winners HERE!

Grand Prize Winner received:

- 10,000 Play Credits added to the winning Radio Airplay account ($200+ Value)
 - Unlimited Feature Access For 6 Months
 - Exclusive Grand Prize feature in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets
 - Exclusive top placement in Jango Radio's Independent Summer '18 and Rising Stars station
 - Summer rotation in Jango Radio's Top 100 station and Jango Radio's most listened to summer station, Summertime Workday
 - One (1) Free Song Submission for International Songwriting Competition 2018 (Win Up To $150,000 in cash/prizes)
 - One (1) Best Shot Deal ($120 Value) from MusicSubmit


Drew Gannon - Ride The Wave 

The 9 Runners Up Received: 

- 1,000 Play Credits added to Radio Airplay account 
 - Exclusive promotion in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets
 - Exclusive placement in Jango Radio's Independent Summer '18 and Rising Stars stations
 - Summer rotation in Jango Radio's most listened to summer station, Summertime Workday



5CENT - Gotta Get Your Groove On
Jerod Dudgeon - Live and Love
Hans Nayna - Music for the soul
Godheart - Feenin
King Lotus - Move your Body (ft Soph14 and Dr. Rum)
Anastasia Shanueva - As the Beatles Sang
Adele Morgan - Get Away
Grace Piper Fields - Sun-Kissed
Eddy Delbridge - Sunburn
Jennifer B & the Groove - What's Done Is Done
Jamie Scoles - Endlessly (ft. Emily Colombier) (Radio Edit)
James Chana - If You Stay
Katie Belle - Promises
Brian Martin - Famous For Somethin'
Might E - You Drive Me Crazy
James Carter Cathcart - Girls On The Beach
Kassidy Lynne - Baby Just Cruise
Eileen Laverty - Don't Dream It's Over
Candace Bellamy - Cruisin'
Deja Loose - Wine
NOHC LA - Lights Go On
EMERGER - Break & Fall
Johannes Linstead - Be My Girl
Mystique (Reggae) - Sharon
Andrea Arpetti - About You
Kris James - Eye's Open
Bob Ray - Kin To The Highway
Patience lockjawmusic - Sunshine
Alan Baxter - Ciggarettes and Beer
Bleddyn - Ashes
Boomer Blake - Island Lady
Hot Pink Hangover - The Summer That Johnny Drowned
Kristen Hope Justice - Don't Die With Your Music Inside You
Kay Gianna - Hearts Unbreakable
Kevin Burgess project - Francene
After Alice - Morning
Jah Maker - Osezua     Impastor
Keith David - Me
Melina - Glass Hearts
Kelsey Steele - How's That Working Out For Ya
Jaspen - Love U Better
Felicia Faye - Private Time
Matthew S (Dance/Electronica) - Touch
Henryb - Victory
pastor pakade - KUSHINTSH'ISIMO
Alexis ROUSSIAUX - Un autre moi
Kevin Stokley - Mexico (ft. Clara Wilson)
D.Boo - Summer Fever
Brian Clayton - Bikinis and Tequila
Harry Brasier - Holiday
THERESA RHOSE - Summertime
Daniel Welsh - Guinness With A Side of Bacon
Emily Sonne - Cordial
David Boyd Janes - Summertime Feeling
Heather Gruber - Unti I Find out Who I Am
Michael Cole - A Great Summertime Night
House Party - Sweet Summertime
Kourtney Heart - Rewind
Rachael Hallack - What Are We Waiting For?
Phil Swanson - Summertime
Tim O'Connell - I Hope It Rains All Night
Roam Like Ghosts - Smile
Shawn Layne - CIRCUMSTANCE - L.A.Y.N.E
Te Vaka - Lakalaka
Steven Baumgardner - I Need Me Some Beach
Todd Herfindal - Hello Summer
Setka - Feels Like Summer
Tombstone Betty - Shine
Six Year Stretch - Little Girl
The Fog UK - Dreaming of Palm Trees
Tia - Come Through
Steve Michaels - Beer on a Beach
WIZRHYME - Malo mo
St. Joseph - Little Miss Whiskey
Ventus Band - Twenty Tonight
Richard Farrow - God Willing
shawn williams (Pop) - Dream
Stephen Bruce - Pacific Shore
Val Bryan - Beautiful Day
Scott Olgard - Northstar
Steve Norton - St. George Island
Viveeyan - The Bull's Eye
Statesmen - New Orleans
Scarlet Vanquish - Apart Of Me
PAR~A~DIGM - Fireworks
ElvisTapia - Bailame
Jasen Walker - Exuberant
Schanna Marie - Smile
Coat Check Girl - Twenty Nine
Swazy - Splash
Grove Street - John Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Xico Peligroso - I Won't Go
Brandon Graves - Salt Water, White Sand
Doron Ferdman - Vital Signs
Karlen B - A Jamais
Mr. Battle - King of the Wasteland
Jon Rachels - It's A Beautiful Day
Ron Walker - Beautiful Day Outside
Moore & Moore - Sand In Our Shoes (with Billy Yates)
Riley Siebert - It Won't Be So Bad
Wayne Montgomery - Sunshine Anytime
Steve Biggers - Lone Wolf Mix 5
Mr. P Chill - Summertime (feat. J.Smo & Julie Rush)
Cathy Ollete - Kodak Moments
Sio Kuper - Island Home
Aidan Black - Paradise
Lelevier Lizarraga - Cosas Buenas
jayd (USA) - Am I Crazy
Kelby - Good Thing (feat. Breana Marin & Jahmaiki)
The Delivery Boys - Summer Lovin'
Gio&Rose - Beatiful
Timetravel - Out of time
THE 413 EFFECT - Only You
Dennis Freeman - potent
Karly V - Sometimes
SAMI - Summertime
Scars on Louise - No way out
Graham Tompson - Key West Sunsets (you promised)
Jordan Riley - You Make Me Better
Westerners - A Summer Place
Poizyn Ivy - Baby Yeah!
Sarah Cole - Forever Gonna Shine
Frank Radice - Day In The Sun
Lena Jackson - End Of The Tunnel feat. Maestra
Oub Lck - Agua Pasada
James Kovac - Flying Time
Lord Lizzy - Samaritan
Mieko - Like She Never Left
Heri Palos - Dame una noche Mas
Mood Switch - Front Line
Nyki Lindsay King - Circles
Fabio Dita & Marlon Alves - Necesito mas de ti
Chaunté Shayne - Sugar Sweet Kisses
Tyler and Marlin - Summertime
Lady Ginseng - Granted
Way Beyond Doubt - Breathe
Meezy (Hip Hop/Rap) - Coolin' Up (feat. Dro)
Barret - Morena
produced by Bias - Bias - We used to
Lance Wing - Summer
Land of the Tribes - Water Jammin
Jeremy Laura - As Long as we have Tonight
TokyoBoyz - Sukiyaki
Paul Venice & Dan Boujee - My Time Will Come
Twilight Soul Cats - Satisfaction
Drakeford - The Love Song
Full Bred/Lil Whit - Heart on Ur Lyps
Steve Taylor - Best Thing
Zuhri Amira - KNOTTY
Bayou Bullets - Burn It Down
G-Clef Productions - Drinks Women And Money !!!
DJ Martino - Nothing Can Stop Me (radio edit)
Openfate - Fade Away
XO Stereo - Show And Tell
Pv & The HeheheeeYs! - Sweet
Darren Taylor (Pop R&b) - Shake it
Craymo - Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)
JN3Music - Con Un Filin
Pablo Naranjo - Hot Air Balloon
Ife J - Hosanna
Isy Martin Jr - Falling
Uh Oh Jiminy - Face the Music
JM Tovar Music - Gloria a Dios
Horse Opera - Queen of California
Da Vet - Ghetto
Aina Brei'Yon - Think About Me
diamondrich &lady kei - Resource
ZIA - The Cool Radio Edit
New sound project - Wake me up
Alex Naranjo SLC - Vivir y Amar
TYNER - Rise Up!
Keeana Kee - Coconut Rum and Coke ft Maffio
Deep End Productions - Love Ride Remix
Dallas Sweety - oh baby
Ron Mulder - 14K4 (2017 version)
Whitney McClain - Cruise
Mycheal L - The Urge
Kareem Sings - WCE
Bingelela Mpanza - Ngiyokukhumbula
Erick Blu - Erick Blu - Took The Words (Remix) ft. Robyn Regan & Borkung Hrangkhawl
A-ZOTE - Crazy About Your Love
Araya (United Kingdom) - Cups You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Brielle Fattori - I Am Still Your Girl
David Michael George - Just Ain't The Same
Josue Cruz (MA) - Tener Tu Cuerpo
LEGAZ - Beautiful - LegaZ ft. Thyaga Dimithri (Original Mix)
Loner Lewis - For The Love
Mike Johnson1 - Full Time Habit
Ruben DeAlvarado - Te Robaste Mi Corazon
Shaka & Sauda - Mama's Song
Sophia Daniz - Wasting Time
Sub Groove - While The Sun Shines
Tyler Rifley Music - Right By Me

Thursday, June 21

Radio Airplay Staff Picks (Week 25, 2018)

We here at Radio Airplay are huge music fanatics and listen to every possible genre. From the down home country lovers, indie dwellers, to head banging metal aficionados, we figured it would be fun to share who our current favorite Radio Airplay bands are - giving these artists even more opportunities to be heard.

Every week we'll post Erin, Kelly, Tara, and Kait's favorite tunes of the week. We'll be featuring them here on the blog, the Radio Airplay Facebook, our weekly Airplay newsletter, and they have their own Rising Star station right on Jango Radio!

Check out our Staff Picks of 2018's Week 25, Below!
You can view all past staff picks here!

Erin's Picks

Block Taylor - Decision (USA)
Solex - Gratitude (USA)
Jim Chase - Leave Hell Enough Alone (USA)

Tara's Picks

Tommy Noir - Attention (USA)

1 lucky staff pick each week will receive a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service. 

All staff picks are added to Jango Radio's Ear Poppin' New Music station which receives over 3000+ hits per week. All staff picks are also added to Jango's Staff Picks Station

Wednesday, June 20

Musician's Atlas Staff Pick (Week 24, 2018)

Staff Pick band Climbing Trees was chosen for Week 24 as the Musician's Atlas PopScore Pick for their song, Amber - Listen Here! 

They received a full year's membership to Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most reliable contact database service.

But you don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get VIP access to the best performance, promotion & distribution.

                                            Become a member of Musician's Atlas today

Indie Bible PopScore Pick (Week 24, 2018)

Top PopScore artist and pianist Rachel LaFond was chosen for Week 24, 2018 as Indie Bible's PopScore Pick for her song, Luminous - Listen Here! 

She received an Ultimate Indie bundle ($280 value) from Indie Bible. The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE can help you to get valuable radio airplay, music reviews, spotlight features, video airplay, physical & digital distribution, signed to a record label and much more!
You don't have to wait until you reach the top of the PopScore charts to get your Indie Bundle. Get Your Ultimate Indie Bundle Today!

Monday, June 18

Top 10 Songs for Week 24, 2018

Top 10 Songs for Week 24, 2018

2018-06-11 - 2018-06-17

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Bob Grubel
Floyd, VA, United States 
Facebook link image Twitter link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

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You're Already There
Robert T. McDonald III
Bellingham, WA, United States 
Facebook link image Itunes link image

828232280c389e429e62b5987a2ff5b8 300
Shtayim Shtayim
Alternative/Alt. Rock
Tel Aviv, Israel 
Facebook link image Itunes link image

D44ae1bd99241a175cd72ac2d7e1a524 300
No Angel ft. Mike Velo
Broadway B
Hip Hop/Rap
Los Angeles, United States 
Facebook link image Twitter link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

Ab7261f1903749be7be0136695bc1265 300
Entangled Particles
Michael Wark
Long Beach Island, NJ, United States 
Twitter link image Myspace link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

85fd208a7ba968323b53a757d0c8f68b 300
Rachel LaFond
Auckland, New Zealand 
Facebook link image Twitter link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

2df3d5f90b777bea777614d8050f7ae6 300
Going Home
rick martin
Memphis, TN, United States 
Facebook link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

05902d75c875571f789a17aede710b53 300
Crown of Roses
Sevol Dog
Los Angeles, CA, United States 
Facebook link image Itunes link image Amazon link image

1c8f859602c99d3e2012a6390c32cfbd 300
Elegy for Bassoon and Piano
John Bonaccorso
Marlton, NJ, United States 
Itunes link image Amazon link image

415755c5f62d5f891bb97afa81216573 300
Will We Ever Come Together
Black Ivory
New York, NY, United States 
Facebook link image Twitter link image Itunes link image Amazon link image