Tuesday, March 12

Are You The Next Radio Airplay Featured Artist?

The Radio Airplay editors are always looking for opportunities to gain more exposure for our artists.

Many of you have been inquiring how to become a featured artist on the blog and weekly newsletters. A majority of our artist decisions are based upon the the best overall Popscore performances.

However for a limited time only, we have evened the playing field. If you are an avid airplay user but not achieving that perfect Popscore, here is your chance to make an impression on the editors.

If you are a current airplay artist utilizing our platform and interested in submitting to the Radio Airplay editorial staff for an artist feature, please follow instructions carefully or your submission may not be read.

1) Send an email to support@radioairplay.com with the exact subject line: "2013 Airplay Artist Spotlight"

2) In the body of your email please answer all and only the following:
  • Your Artist's Name / Your Airplay Account's Email Address 
  • How did you discover Radio Airplay? 
  • What creative ways have you been able to fit Radio Airplay into your broader promotional plans? 
  • How have you generated results with the services that Radio Airplay provides? 
  • Anything additional and perhaps unique that the editors could consider for a future blog feature. 
Send us your short answers, and it will be consider by our editors for a feature on the Radio Airplay site, in an upcoming newsletter, or blog posting! We will notify any and all user submissions we choose to accept via email. Please do not re-submit material. Again you must send an email to support@radioairplay.com with the exact subject line: "2013 Airplay Artist Spotlight". Any other form of submission will not be accepted.

The Radio Airplay Team looks forward to reviewing your submissions, getting to know our artists a bit more personally, and continuing to promote your music on the #1 platform for direct artist to listener promotion!