Tuesday, January 15

2013 Resolution - A More Successful Music Career!

Have you made your 2013 music resolutions yet? Maybe you've already started making those resolutions a reality.

Having a career in music can be more complicated than ever these days, and it's important to be organized and have reachable, realistic short- and long-term goals set for your music.

Our friends over at Music Think Tank recently released a great FREE e-book download, called 8 Steps to a more Successful Music Career in 2013. They list 8 great ways you can really build and push your music career this year. Click Here to read more and download your FREE copy.


Tenderhooks said...

Well I've got myself 1000 plays on Airplay. Now hopefully a few more listeners will like what they hear. How to entice them into the iTunes/CDbaby shop is another matter.
It would be dream to hit some numbers, maybe Airplay can help Tenderhooks a little. Looking to place some songs to. Any ideas please get in touch. Cheers Markus (lead singer and keys)

Gene Cross said...

No magic elixir. Just keep playing and posting your songs, and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Sound Cloud or Reverbnation.