Tuesday, October 16

Radio Airplay & FanDistro Popscore Contest

Promote Your Music on Jango Airplay
<UPDATE 10/16/12>
This week is your final chance to win the Jango Airplay & FanDistro Popscore Contest by scoring a high Popscore. We've already presented six winners and two more will be announced next Monday. Don't miss out on your chance to win an exclusive FanDistro offer along with 1,000 Play Credits on Jango Airplay.
Jango Airplay has teamed up with new music distribution service FanDistro to offer you an exclusive four week Popscore contest. FanDistro lets you share music & links with fans, and in return fans earn points for any sales they help generate by sharing your music with their friends. Your music is sold directly from FanDistro and for every sale you earn 80% and your fans earn 20%. Fans can opt to donate their 20% to charity, keep it or give it back to the artist.

To encourage fans to share your music with their friends, two Jango bands with the highest Popscore each week will get an iPad & Amazon Kindle Fire to give away - an incentive for your fans to share. Fans will promote your music and be rewarded for their efforts.

How does it work?

  • Achieve a Popscore that places you within the top 10 for a specific week (90s and higher)
  • Winning bands get a free account with FanDistro for one year, where they can host a contest for their fans. Contest needs to be initiated within 30 days of winning.
  • The band with the highest Popscore will be given an iPad to award to their FanDistro contest winner, the band with the second highest Popscore will get an Amazon Kindle Fire to award to theirs

What's the benefit?
  • Your fans get an incentive to share and promote your music, giving you more exposure and a bigger fanbase
  • Reward your fans for sharing by giving them an iPad or Kindle Fire
  • You earn 80% of any sales generated

Terms & Conditions
  • To get a Popscore you must be a monthly subscriber to Jango Airplay and have at least 100 spins, on at least 1 song each week. For more info on Popscore and how to increase it click here
  • We'll pick two winners every week during 4 weeks based on their Popscore, winners will be announced on the blog every Monday starting 10/01/12
  • FanDistro will sponsor the iPad & Amazon Kindle Fire. Products will be given to the winning fans once a competition has been held on FanDistro
  • FanDistro is offering their Concierge Service for free to help bands get started with their free accounts & contests
  • Bands should have at least 1,500 accumulated fans (Jango, Facebook, Twitter). To increase your fanbase on Jango Airplay you can increase your promotion

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Contay TheHero said...

1st! :) Sounds awesome I'll definitely get my fans to do it! They love sharing my awesome music!! Contay The Hero... Reverbnation.com/contay

DMunnee said...

Oh Yeah...I'm all in...Stepping my game up everyday...


Sounds like a PLAN, UM ON IT!
Reverbnation.com/DYNAMIC TOOLZ. Facebook.com/mellomanr

www.reverbnation.com/harrywireh said...

Yeah im ready...Tis is an amazing ideal.

Rachel Bendock said...

Sounds like an adventure I need to join!!

The.Vinyl Poets said...

Fusion? Hip hop? Jazz? Funk? Electro? What.are we to Y.O.U.?

CashCold Damnit said...

Sounds like a great opportunituy.

Gbless27 said...

thanks to all that took the time to listen to my song even if ur become a fan or not but all my songs is from the heart this one here is just the begining oclly f a new me but i try to make all type of music basicaly music is my passion and im trying to drop a mixtape soon and thats the last song of my mixtape so once again thanks for listening stay tune for my next single

Anonymous said...