Tuesday, June 26

Jango Summer Music Videos - L.Hammond, Mars & Venus, Nyceria, Latonas

We're excited to kick-start a brand new summer feature with four great videos - all available on our YouTube channel. Throughout the summer we will continue promoting new artists & bands to make sure these great videos get their spot in the limelight. Below are the first four videos - enjoy!

L.Hammond "Greatness@ItsFinest"

Mars & Venus "Shades of White"

Nyceria "Scathe"

The Latonas "Protoro"

Thank you all for submitting your videos and stay tuned for more fresh summer videos!


Prince Lee said...

Nice job, i love the videos

Prince Lee said...

coool, I love the videos,

Outside my Window said...

Great selection of videos I'm inspired to make more videos keep up the good work!