Tuesday, May 8

Jango Mother's Day Promotion

Jango Radio Mother's Day Station

This Sunday we're celebrating all the mothers out there and what better way to show your appreciation than with music. We've created a station full of mom-celebrating songs, guaranteed to bring joy to any Mother's Day party. You can listen to Jango's Mother's Day station here.

Do you have a good Mother's Day song? Check out this list of featured artists and add them to your targeting section to promote your music this weekend.

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Joe Patrick said...

Joe Patrick Radio

has a Great Mothers Day Song!

Everything I have To Give!

Joe Patrick said...

Joe Patrick Radio

On Jango, Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby

Has A Great Mothers Day Song!

"Everything I have To Give"

Angie Stoddard said...

I was adopted at the age of 5
this goes out to the mother I never knew. This goes out to her to let her know, thanks, for giving me everything you could.


angie stoddard said...

http://www.jango.com/stations/289075149/tunein - Angie Stoddard.
How could you

I was adopted at the age of 5, I grew up in a good home, and this song goes out to the mother who gave me that chance at a new life

Craig Jessup said...

I have a Mother's Day song that will melt your heart. "The Home Inside Our Hearts." On Jango, itunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Listen!


from the album Vantage Point.


Tea Why said...

I have a very nice mothers day dedicated to my moms. Check it out on jango or CD baby.

(For my mom) from the album living on the edge

Thank u for listening. Tyran Greenwood

Tea Why

Sherrie said...

"Mother's Love" by Sherrie Erickson
A lovely Mother's Day song.


Mary Ann Falvo said...

"I Turn It Over" is a song that can be used on Mother's Day because I know "I Turn It Over" to my Mom many many times.
Go to http://www.jango.com and type in Mary Ann Falvo Artist to hear it.