Thursday, March 8

Jango Airplay Promotes Hip Hop Music

Jango's Hip Hop community is growing as more and more bands are using Jango Airplay as their springboard for music promotion. Taking advantage of a huge audience and connecting with fans from all over the world. Here is an interesting article on how Jango Airplay promotes Hip Hop music.

Jango Airplay Promotes Hip Hop Music

Are you a member of Jango Airplay? Or are you considering joining our community? Share you thoughts in the comment section. And as always - thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay.


YoungMain from tha North of Memphis said...

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rapperTracy allen said...

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MrGoldfanger/Youtube said...

Goldfanger.... The boldness , check out my music hot fire and relaxing music all in one artist. Jango artist goldfanger

RECO LIVE said...

This RECO LIVE, thanks Jango for providing the vehicle to break my debut single 'MAKE A CHANGE' and giving the fans the music they 'LIKE'.

Fans have contacted me from all over the world. My fans saying 'MAKE A CHANGE' is timeless Hip-Hop song. Comparing it to TUPAC.

Check out RECO LIVE's 'MAKE A CHANGE' at:


and my song is available for sale for 99 cents of iTunes or Amazon.

I am looking forward to a Platinum or Diamond year...with Jango.


Island Vibes said...

Check out mi boi Iakopo! Hot island vibes and booty shakin dancefloor hits! Got two songs up here on Jango and another one coming up soon! Don't miss di fiyaa!!!

TRIZNITY said...

WUS GOOD !!!!! I know ya'll see me out there thanks for all your support!! It's ya Boy TRIZNITY be sure to check out more music. LOOK for the DA BODYROCKA & ALLPATHZLEAD on iTUNES and AMAZON. Shout out to all my JNT people on the records and ya'll keep spinning ya heard? Massive respect to JANGO!!

DJ BLAK said...

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